Coach has five more games

To get this new rotation ready for the stretch run.

Over the next 3.5 weeks, we should be double-digit favorites

@ Tulsa
vs USF
vs ECU
vs Tulane

Of course, any game is difficult to win in real-time. But among the upcoming January games, the only difficult game “on paper” is @ UCF on Jan 29.

However beginning Feb 6 with a trip to Cincy, the stretch run is full of tough games “on paper.” Eight of the last 10 games are against teams competing for first round byes in the conference tournament.


These are good games to give the deep bench guys some valuable experience.

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Not sure Tulsa is that bad of a team. On the road and they have a good coach.

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Coogs have lost two in a row at Tulsa. I hope we can end that streak. Is that line out on that game? Double digit favorites?

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There are only 2 “ deep bench” guys. Armbruster and Francis. Barring more injuries, they will only see the court in blow outs.


And Elvin


Provided we take care of our biz in Jan those games from 2/6 to 2/20 look like boom or bust

If we are 9-4 or better in the conference slate by then we should be in a good spot to get a bye in the AAC Tourney and an at-large in the NCAAT

An 8-0 start is the mark I have been eyeing for this team. Then see how well we can finish a tough 8 game stretch.


Tulane beat BOTH Cincinatti AND Memphis.

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Also will add that if we can get that 8-0 run we will likely have at least 2 game lead on the rest of the field.

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If we started 8-0 that’d be fantastic since we likely stayed healthy and got used to the new style of play rather quickly

He’s not really an option

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I’ve watched enough games to know that he is THE plan whenever he is in the game


And we have a game to add back in with Cinci?

Neither team has a common open date left. We are off this midweek, but they have a game. We also don’t have midweek game b/w the 22nd and 29th, but they do. Only we it gets made up is if we both have opponents cancel games the same day.

It was -11.5 this morning.

Good line til 3 mins left in game. Jamal injury messed up the line!

We don’t need to make the sweet 16 for Sampson to be the story of the year. If we win the conference missing two of our best players and possibly 3 then Sampson should at least be a a top 5 contender for COTY nationally.

That would leave us pre-tourney with a high national ranking missing 25% of our rotation.

That’s what Big Boy programs pull off.

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With enough time, Sampson overcame the early season loss of Mills and the absence of White most of last year to lead the team to the Final Four.

I think we could have won it all this year even with the injury to Tramon Mark.

We’ll see how long it takes Shead to return to form.


True, but I personally do not think Mills going was a loss.