Coach Herman on chances of making the CFP

“I wish somebody could tell me, ‘Hey, it’s strength of schedule that matters most.’ Fine, we’ll schedule Oklahoma and Louisville every year. If they tell me it’s going undefeated, great, I won’t schedule Oklahoma and Louisville every year. We’ll schedule wins – the Baylor model. Until they define what the criteria is, I would probably say no, a non-Power Five school won’t make the playoff.”

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Haaaaa, nice! Time to punch 'em all in the face again.

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Interesting stat: Since football began playing a national championship game in 1998, this is how frequently non-Power Five schools (as currently aligned) have played for the national title in various sports:

Men’s ice hockey 58 percent
Women’s basketball 31 percent
Men’s soccer 28 percent
Men’s basketball 22 percent
Women’s soccer 14 percent
Baseball 11 percent
Women’s volleyball 8 percent
Softball 3 percent
Football 0 percent

Forgive for stating the obvious…Coach is a smart guy. I like the way he makes his point about the playoff system’s inequity. It’s forceful yet has a degree of tact. He’s fighting for us. He’s only a second year head coach but garners respect in the industry as he is sought after for interviews and insight. We are very fortunate to have him.

BTW…my son is officially part of the #H Town TakeOver (would not even apply to other schools). He will be a freshman in the Honors College living at Cougar Village in the fall. Eat ‘em Up!


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