Coach K retiring after 21-22 season


Won five NCAA tournaments. Probably should have more. Still…if not the greatest college basketball coach of all time, he should be in the conversation. Wooden is probably tops…but Krzyzewski is right there at #2.

There will be huge shoes to fill at Duke after next season. If Scheyer can’t get it done, there will be a long line of solid coaches ready for that task.


I wonder how much all the changes with NIL, transfer portal, etc are nudging the guys to retirement instead of having to adapt to this new climate. I’m young enough to have never seen cbb w/o coach k

He got his pick of high school talent every year and won a handful of championships. I’m not sure what to make of that as far as “the greatest”. For sure he’s a good coach

As far as I know he never did more with less. But I don’t know all that much about it, I admit.

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:pray: please can we play them this year and kick Coach Ks ass before he retires?


@ehog…agreed. It was always reload mode for Duke. We never really had a chance to see what he could do when the Duke program bottomed out…like UH and Sampson. Knowing what Kelvin had to start off with and work from makes the strides he’s made for the program even more remarkable.


Pete Gillen will be sad to hear this.

“Certainly Duke is Duke…They’re on t.v. more than Leave it to Beaver re-runs”.


Great coach. For younger fans like myself I remember their upsets stick out more than their recent successes

Losses to VCU in '07, Lehigh in '12, Mercer in '14, South Carolina in '17.

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They were a #1 seed in 8 of the last 19 NCAA tournaments. They were a 1 or 2 seed in 14 of 19 tournaments. Pretty incredible.

Coach K should certainly be considered among the best college basketball coaches of all-time. Certainly top ten and probably top five.


I’m not a huge coach K fan or a hater. Just a college basketball fan.
But what he has accomplished at Duke is equally as impressive as Wooden winning 10 NCAA championships in a 12-year span.
When UCLA was winning all those championships they only had to win 4 games. And teams then went to their geographical regions and in the 1960s there weren’t a lot of quality basketball teams in the West.


Will be Brad Stevens’ job. If he wants it.

Never liked or disliked Duke. They were just one of those east coast teams that never stopped winning. To say all he had to do was reload is funny. Quite a few coaches cannot handle that much talent and ego in one room. That is a special talent just like developing kids is a talent. Look at Penny with nothing but all star kids right now. Or even when Dickey was here and he had that ridiculous class. One thing to recruit them, another thing to get them to play aside one another. And he has done that annually for years. Great coach.


Wooden will always get his accolades. But UCLA was not a clean program either. UCLA had their bagman who was giving players cash. You look at the documentaries and the former players talk about it.

Coach K coached in the toughest BB conference in the country and more than held his own. Throughout his career, he didn’t always get his pick of the litter. He’s got more titles than a lot of schools have.

He adapted pretty well to the one and done era, but you’re right, the transfer portal era is a whole new beast and it’s going to require a significant amount of dedication and energy to keep up with the top teams.

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The new Era in college basketball is going to be tough for the school’s that always get those 5 stars but the NIL is on the side of the coaches. It’s their weapon against the G-League, OTE and playing overseas.

I think Duke and Kentucky are going to lose out on these 5 stars because the players want to get paid what the market says they are worth, work on their skills and not worry about class work.

Coach K sees the writing on the wall and thinks it’s a good time to retire.

Just took over President of Basketball Ops for Celtics. Stepping away from Coaching which has been rumored for last 2 yrs.

It is a different recruiting era. It is not about overpaying for high school kids. Now everyone is laying in wait for those kids after their first year.

There are a lot of sneaker pimps that are saying “hey wait what, you are going to wait to pay until he proves himself in college? But but look at the aau highlight video!!. So where does thus leave me?”

Nowhere sneaker pimp, nowhere. There are a lot of AAU teams that just canceled their tournament plans.

I don’t know about that since there were so many questionable calls by the refs that allowed Duke to win those 5 titles in the first place! Without them I seriously doubt Duke would win that many titles!

Coach K built that program. I think he was under .500 his first few seasons? In talking about CDH in another thread, Coach K would have been fired after those first two seasons? Different sport and era I know. And isn’t Sampson from North Carolina? How long until the ‘Sampson to Duke’ rumors on Twitter start? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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