Coach Sampson is one win away from 600



Hope coach stays around long enough for a decent chance at making the top 30.

to put that into perspective, Guy V Lewis “only” had 592 wins. Both coached 30 years.

Granted when Guy coached the seasons were shorter by 5 or 6 games.

Strangely enough, both coaches made the dance 13 times. Again, it was harder to make the tournament when Guy was coaching.

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Trivia: how many combined wins do the 2 men coaching the local University-UH & Pro Team have. No looking up … just seeing how many Rocket followers we have here.

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Was there a specific reason why Coach Lewis didn’t want to coach one more year to get to 600?

It’s a major milestone that most coaches would have wanted to reach especially if they were only a few games away from obtaining it.

Because we decided to fire a two time national coach of the year and a coach who went to 5 final fours after a 14-14 season.

We always talk about how everyone is out to get us. For a long time we shot ourselves repeatedly.


This ! I always remember he was pushed out. I think they let him resign but basically it was No Mas !

If you mean Guy V., we didn’t fire him. He retired.

Yeah, he was pushed out.



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You can always count on Mr Patrick! I love the quote from D’Antoni when told it was win #600 Mon nite-- “I’ll go celebrate with bowl of oatmeal when I get home”. :joy::joy:

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Harden’s 57 points completely overshadowed D’Antoni, but Mike usually doesn’t care about things like that. That quote is hilarious though.

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Yes good point. Funny thing is he’s such a no nonsense man I’m sure he does just go home n have his oatmeal. Lucky to have 2 great coaches for Coogs, Rockets!

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Sampson received a text this week from Eric Gordon, a former player during Sampson’s two seasons at Indiana. He still hears from Eduardo Nájera, an All-American at OU. Former players Hollis Price, Quannas White, Kellen Sampson and McLean are on his UH staff. Just this week, Kelley Newton, a former OU player now the head coach at Kansas City Community College, reached out for advice.

“The thing I’m most proud of is the relationships,” Sampson said. “They mean more to me than the wins.”

Said Price: “It’s an honor being on his staff and being a part of all the wins he’s accomplished.”

Sampson will become the 57th coach in NCAA Division I men’s basketball history to reach 600 wins, a list that includes his idols Dean Smith and Don Haskins and close friend Tubby Smith. Of the 56 coaches ahead of him, Sampson remarkably has coached against 30.

And he offers no hint of slowing down.

“I look forward to the next 100,” Sampson said.


The seven year absence between Indiana and UH cost him approximately 150 more wins; otherwise, he might be playing for win #750. Hypothetically, if he were to remain with UH for another 10 years, he’ll be over 800 wins, which would place him at or near the Top 10 all-time winning coaches.

Extraordinary career.

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