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On with Matt and Lance.

I just have one question to ask Coach Sampson. Is Chris Harris going to play for UH this year?! His rim protection and rebounding would be HUGE!

Brief scheduling discussion - CKS confirmed what has been previously reported, but didn’t have any new info.

Harvard and Rhode Island here, LSU and Arky there, and the tournament in Florida.

“We’re in the midst of a great recruiting class”

Hopefully, this is true. Our whole fan base had giving up on recruiting. Everyone had said that CS will get a few jucos and maybe a solid 4 yr HS player.

We all had been saying for yrs, next yr, coach Sampson will bring in one heck of a recruiting class, but it hasn’t happen, yet.

The Summer evaluation period is over. Is now or never for coach Sampson, when it comes to recruiting. (cross fingers)

Yes !! After all, he has had 2 whole classes !!

If UH gets into the BIG12 in 2017 then Adidas will place UH on the P5+BE preferred list ahead of G5 schools. Adidas controlled AAU developmental leagues and Adidas controlled prep schools will support players going to UH over G5 schools. Right now UH is on the outside with little or no chance of recruiting 4 or 5 star PF or C’s.

Yeah Western Kentucky got one, but they had to hire the kids godfather.
That is not something one can do every year and they will eventually feel the wrath of the Media/Snicker companies.

If UH FB can have another great year, UH FB will get UH into the BIG12 and BB will benefit tremendously from it. Until then UH is in the BB desert with players Mom’s being influenced by the Snicker, AAU, etc. to see that their boy goes to a P5+BE school.

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