Coach Sampson’s 8 Year Memphis Record

Someone might want to check me on this.

I believe the 8 year record vs. Memphis is 7-7.

That includes losing twice in his first season when he had his worst team,

Since then 7-5.

Without Sasser, Mark, and White tomorrow’s game is what Coach Yeoman would call “hard cheese”.

It’s just a formailty to follow through on conference obligations. If we win great, but win or lose it really means nothing. Oh, it might influence a seeding position, maybe, but already toninght the selection committee has everything set up. We’re in the dance, and as has been stated when you’re there you just gotta win baby. All teams there have earned it and can beat anyone else. Underestimating or overestimating your opponent puts you in peril.

The game at Memphis last Sunday met nothing. Same for tomorrow. It only means something to Memphis because they don’t know better. It comes with an inferior education.


Memphis is a lot like us. Ignored as inferior for many years knowing that they could accomplish great things if given the chance. Admittedly, they have not improved their academic prowess as much as ours but after being denied big12 status they understand the importance. Basketball wise, they have a really good heritage and are well versed in what to expect. Right now as a outsider to P5 they just want to kick arse and we are up. It comes with the territory. I’m just hoping we show our true colors and kick arse because we do have a better coach. They are now under the 'too many games in to few days watch that we have been in. So time to kick some tiger arse with a coog smile. Going to be a tough game but we can do it. Just give Memphis credit for doing really well as a G5.


Memphis is trash. They got left out because they’re trash. I dont give them credit for anything, because that’s not how you treat trash.


I’ve seen plenty of people on here say that we are Memphis’ Super Bowl. But I went to UH during Penders era. They had coach cal. Memphis was everyone’s Super Bowl then. I looked up our record against them. Shows 20-35. They own us. It’s pretty close in football too.


Their fans are classless and their players are trashy (The tunnel incident example)


Yeah, they won a lot but don’t some of those key wins have asterisks next to them?


Yeah they do have those *s but man those teams drew crowds. I enjoyed watching them. Hope we can get the w.

Tulsa is like St. Louis and DePaul, If you squint really hard you can see a potentially very good basketball program. In the new American I could see the big 3 being Wichita State, Memphis and Tulsa. But Tulsa will have to go all in.

Bullet board material! This will get them motivated. As if they need any.

We dont match up well with them. If we had Sassr and Marks back, yeah a different game but for now we are just slow and cant keep up with their guards. Were in an even bigger hole now losing Fabian White. I expect another L and thats fine because we’re already in the Dance and there are bigger fish to fry but I’d rather get the W for pride’s sake. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We have to hit some outside shots to beat these guys. Maybe Edwards and young Walker are getting heated up?
That said, if Fabian doesn’t play it is going to be super difficult…we lose our best shooting forward. For Carlton to be effective we have to keep the middle unplugged. But until we hit outside shots that ain’t gonna happen. Memphis is super talented down low…Duren is very special…

I am sure Penny is scouring our coogfans board looking for something to share with his squad


We dont match up with them well because they are the only team that has made us turn the ball over like crazy both times. If we can solve that we will be fine imo.


Duren is a grown man.

Penny has followed the Sampson plan to building this team. They play tough defense and rebound well. He just needed Larry Brown to solidify things. If he keeps this up Memphis will be a force for years to come in basketball.

No, I’d say he has followed the coach Cal map, not the Sampson map. Recruit high level talent, one and done types vs. not as high level talent but coach them up, team sacrifice and defense .How many of the players on Memphis do you think would buy into the CKS plan?

Coach Cal has been very successful, but I’d say the paths are different.

I think what Larry Brown has been able to instill is that defense wins championships. That and a lot of FedEx money.

If I was Memphis fan I would be quite concerned about next season if Williams and Duren both leave along with two of their top shooters.

That staff still isn’t going to do much without the elite talent.

And the recruiting just got tougher with Houston and Cincinnati leaving after next season.

I don’t know if it will hurt them too badly. Look at Gonzaga, Yes, they’re very good now, but for a number of years they were the only decent team in the conference. You could pretty much guarantee NCAA births. They might have St. Mary’s in there, but that’s pretty much it.

You might have WSU or SMU, but after that, who has you quaking in your boots? Being able to sell NCAA births is a powerful recruiting tool.

Don’t forget the FedEx money either.

I don’t forget the FedEx money. That’s why I only ship UPS. Lol