Coaches got to GO!

It is a shame but its very likely to happen. Fall football in Houston is awesome, early forecast calls for cool front coming in late week…high 50’s and sunny forecast !!!

How many of you guys will be at the Nutcracker Market with your wives/girlfriends next Saturday?


Not I. I am fortunate enough to have a bride that is simply not into that kind of stuff.

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coach D has to go after the season, thats almost a given at this point

but the season isnt technically over… we can win a conference title…and the ny6 is technically not out of reach …just beyond our control now

c-usa- if a&m beats UAB…we would jump all of them
mac- buffalo is a 1 loss team, but doesn’t play a ranked team all season…we likely jump them with a ucf win.but itlle be close…a loss by them would be nice
sunbelt- all have 2 losses …an ucf win would jump all of them


  • we need boise to beat fresno and then have fresno win the mwc
  • boise to beat utah state but still have utah state win the mwc
  • sdsu to win the mwc (but it will be close between us if that happened)- toss up scenerio
  • (if boise wins out and wins the mwc they will jump us)

a lot of ifs but all of these scenerios all fit in the realm of realisitc

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A chance is a chance. No matter how slim. Let’s now quit worrying about ny6 and start focusing on winning the next game.


So, you think that Briles came up with this game plan ?..and refused to change it during the game or at halftime?

If so, doesn’t he report to CMA ? At halftime, was CMA out getting a sandwich ?

CMA is the issue !


You all say Applewhite should have no say in the offensive playcalling, but the minute Briles has a bad game you all want him to jump in and change Briles game plan. Applewhite doesn’t have anymore a say in the offense game plan then Sumlin did with Kingsbury. Except it this is the offensive game plan Briles wanted. It is his offense. He had a bad game.

I love the random trumpish capitalization. Must FIRE someone every GAME. Words!


So…what if CMA had a say in the offensive game plan going into the game, but would not let Briles change it during the game ??

Not possible ?


For all of you saying definitively that CMA is to blame for the play calling, put your teeth in, cause your gums are just bumping.