Coaches Hot Seat

Dana is #21 and the ‘old’ Dana is #24.

I’ll give new Dana one more year. Do or die like a another poster put it; 2021_season.

Yeah, I wrote this year off before it started. I hope next year will be better, but I’m skeptical. Either way, I’m not holding this year against Dana.


I’m not either. QB needs to player better. On Tune’s defense, UH needs an upgrade on rb & wr. We need bigger plays from them.

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The Coogs need a lot of ‘upgrades’.

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This is worst than I thought.

I can actually see us only winning 4 games again. That’s just not good on back to back years to start a new job.

I guess you mean coaching as well.

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@Cooglover imagine if UH goes winless the rest of the way or only beats USF because they’re horrible, do you think Dana survives ?

We simply don’t have the same talent and depth that UCF has. Period. That takes time. How much? I don’t know, but I know that being gassed in the 4th and stopping the massive STUPID penalties do not help regardless of depth and talent.


Recruiting is my biggest concern now. We need to bring in some better players. How that happens, I have no idea.


Case Keenum or Greg Ward would of will this team to win even with questionable talent & coaching.

But sh*t I dunno what to say than joining a P5 conference. And that looks bleak. Welcome to the world of a G5. I always wondered what kind of class we can bring if UH was in a bigger conference. I want to say up there in rankings considering that UT and A&M are not always good on the field.

And this is why I was hardly in the football forum but strictly in the basketball one.

I suggest you leave BOTH of them !!


Yes. Only because of the buyout.

Based on secondary play I see loses at Memphis, Cinci and SMU. Tulsa at TDECU, is a toss up. Strong probability of going 1-5 to close out the season. Still, Dana will be here next season.

We have to put aside the ‘talent’ excuse. “BYU had more talent”. “UCF had more talent”. Stop that!

We can’t and will never out-talent every team we play. Coogs made a name for themselves beating teams with more talent. Every signature win we have had over the past several years was beating teams we shouldn’t have, if you were just looking at who had more talent.

At some point, scheme, discipline, culture and coaching come into play. These are factors that determine wins and help with recruiting.

How are we doing in those areas? Are we making the very best use of the athletes we have? It takes the right leadership to drive a winning team.


Tom, i agree with you on both points…I see a bleak season ahead… What will 2021 bring? I do not know…But CDH needs to find another Keenum or Ward. Tune is not the answer at QB.

I’m hopeful (hope is all I have right now) that UCF was just a really terrible matchup for us. BYU was a better team, but we were very much in that one until we imploded late. I never felt like we were in the game against UCF, even when we were up 7-3. I knew their offense would torch us, but I can’t wrap my mind around why our offense couldn’t do anything against UCF’s defense that was missing 4 starters and isn’t very good even with all their starters. I have almost no hope of being to score against Cincy, but at least their offense won’t move at break neck speed, so maybe we can keep it close and something special happen late. And hopefully Mutin will be back this week. His absence against UCF was REALLY obvious.

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We are playing with a lot of upper classmen recruited by Applebite…

The legend of K and W quarterbacks is real.