Coaches out recruiting

Any tec savy people have any news on where the coaches are this weekend?


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Holgy was recently at Episcopal. Haven’t heard yet who the main targets are.


That guy looks to old to play college ball.


He’s 17 and has an aging disease but that sucker can run like a deer🤣


That guy is the head football coach at Episcopal High School in Bellaire. Over 30 years ago when he still had a full head of hair, he was my assistant wrestling coach at St. John’s. His name is Steve Leisz.


Is that the same school St John’s beat on Friday?

Yup…the same school that had three nfl first rounders in the last two years. :sunglasses:

That’s them. Down year for sure!


Did we beat EHS this Friday? If so, WELL ALL RIGHT!!!

I just checked the schedule. Dallas Episcopal is now 7-0, and Dallas St. Mark’s is also doing well. Apparently, Kinkaid just lost to somebody, so they may fall from their area #1 ranking among privates.

SJS is still in the running for the SPC 4A title, but the three hardest regular season games are still coming up!

Bellaire Episcopal is WAAAAAAY down this year (1-5). It’s hard for me to imagine that we’re recruiting anyone there hard. Maybe they have a good player on an otherwise bad team. I sure wish CDH were there recruiting this Perdue kid from St. John’s!

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One of the coaches was hitting Katy schools Friday.

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Look at the big picture….plenty of good/great players have played on a team with a down year.

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Kinkaid beat St Mark’s at home but just lost at Episcopal of Dallas.

Kinkaid’s schedule has featured 7-0 ESD, 6-1 Little Cypress-Mauriceville, 5-1 St Mark’s, 5-1 Second Baptist, and 5-2 St Thomas. The cupcakes to finish the year.

When i played at Abilene High we had a Jr that was already 3/4 bald

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There are 8th graders with beards now….I didn’t shave until I was 22

Yep…first time in I can’t remember when. Years of getting run over by the likes of Jalen Waddle etc

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Really? Gee. I had a noticeable moustache in my 8th grade yearbook photo.

I doubt Jim’s grandson is going to turn down an offer at Brown to play at UH. Just guessing the kid isn’t getting tons of need-based financial aid.

Jerry Jones has his name on the Episcopal School of Dallas stadium and Hunt Family (Chiefs) has its name on St Mark’s stadium.


SJS needs to work on getting a “Janice McNair” stadium so it can keep up!


Hmm… wearing Jordan Polo when he is out recruiting :thinking:
Could it be that we get Jumpman unis for football next year?