Coaching Comparisons

As we enter into CDH’s 5th season and our first season in a “P5” conference an analysis of past records against P5 and ranked opponents can provide some historical perspective. I did not take into account in-conference records in the one year we were kinda P5 in the Big East

Coach, Record vs. P5/BCS, Record vs. ranked opponents
CKH, 3-13, 1-11 (started in '96)
CDD, 0-4, 0-6
CAB, 3-9 (4), 0-5
CKS, 5-4 (3), 4-1 (2)
CTL, 1-4, 0-4
CTH, 5-0 (1), 6-0 (1)
CMA, 2-1 (2), 2-1 (3)
CDH, 1-6, 1-8 (4)

Total 20-41, 13-25
CKS-CMA 13-9, 12-6

Wins against P5 (LSU, North Carolina, Miss State (2), Ok St (2), UCLA, Penn St, Louisville (later after they became P5), Florida St, TT, Pitt, Vandy, Oklahoma, Arizona (2), Auburn

I’ll add - notwithstanding how he left, KS doesn’t get the credit he deserves by some here.


Seems like every other coach it gets figured out starting with CKS. CDH has had the opportunity for quite a sample size.

:sparkles: Future thread preview :sparkles: “I hope Jeff Traylor picks up on the coaching success trend :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


We got Briles, Herman and Sumlin paid. They all left for their dream jobs.
The gravy train should slow down now that we are P5.
Selective memory seems to kick in when reviewing records, COVID was a horrendous two years of college football, with no fans, cancellations, players sitting out each week, those records should go out the window. You could say it was the same for everybody but it was not, you never knew what players would be eligible or what games were going to cancelled or if you would have enough coaches and staff. I will start CDH season with a 12-2 bowl win over Auburn.

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All might look up Coach Yeoman’s record for 1963, 1964, and first half of 1965. He offered to resign in mid-1965.

Dana has made good progress. Has won 20 games in last 2 seasons.

Yes, he could crater this season. If so, he will be in serious trouble.

Perhaps we will have a good season?


Heaven forbid you suggest that! What kind of fan are you? :joy:

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I agree in retrospect, CKS doesn’t get the credit he deserved. Everyone seems to forget that without Sumlins success Levine doesn’t get all those studs.

Two words describe Sumlin’s success as a head coach: Keenum and Manziel. He ran off two 5 :star: QBs at A&M: Murray and Allen. He under performed as a head coach at Arizona. His USFL head coach record was below .500


Levine’s “studs” were a lot of no stars, two stars and low three stars…


Sumlin did put together a good Xs and Os staff


Just Win Baby !

Remember the offensive coordinator for CKS…oh yeah CDH
He gets partial credit for all cks wins…as does case keenum


Yes, he did put together good staffs. However, he was not a good Xs and Os coach. I remember guys sitting behind me during a game saying how hands off he was. Not sure who they were, but it sounded like they were very connected to the program. He let his assistants do all the work and didn’t get too involved.

Houston 2012 Football Commits (

Houston 2013 Football Commits (

Houston 2014 Football Commits (

That 2012 Class…some serious talent

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Sumlin was fortunate to inherit Case.


The most effective leaders surround themselves with equal to or better advisors/co-workers. Not saying he was brilliant but to attribute a team’s success to only players or assistant coaches is ignoring the person who put it all-together. As I said, he deserves more credit. Not all the credit necessarily but more.

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Nah. He brought discipline which Briles’ teams lacked but that’s it. His success was all Case Keenum. When Texas S&M went after him I laughed at how blinded they were to the Fools Gold.

The S&M moniker for him was terrible, “Slumdog Millionaire.” Savages. lol


The few times I was around Sumlin I thought he was standoffish. I thought Herman was disingenuous the first time I met him. I supported both coaches when they were at UH. By any objective measure, both Sumlin and Herman moved the program forward.


At least on offense. His defense usually sucked.

I didn’t say he was a good X s and O s coach.

Okay, there were a few pretty highly ranked players—Greenberry, Mark, Ayers—but that’s about it for guys who actually played. If you look at those lists the average rating per recruit would be low 80s. Tyler McCloskey was rated a 78, Nick Thurman an 82, Tyus Bowser an 83, Cameron Malveaux a 79, Adrian McDonald a 73, Steve Taylor a 72, Matt Adams an 81, Howard Wilson a 77, etc. Probably Levine’s best quality was his ability to find really good players who flew under the radar.

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