Coaching Hire Paradigm Shift

I think we need to consider instituting a paradigm shift in who we bring in as HC for UH Football. We should ony look at UH alumni and long-time Houstonians to take over the head coaching position. Acting as a P5 proving grounds for up and coming coaches isn’t in the best interest of UH. We need to be proactive and bring in people who aren’t going to leave for “greener pastures” (aka the same amount of money in a P5 conference). The only people that I can think of who fit this bill are UH alumni… What do y’all think?

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Sorry but that’s going to eliminate too much of the potential coaching hiring pool. While neither Briles Sr nor Jr were actual alumni, they played and coached here…and where did that get us? It’s been said a million times on this board…we’ll always be a steppingstone program until we’re P5. The key is to hire a coach who leaves us better than he found us, even if they do turn out to be snake oil salesmen.


I look around the NCAA D1 schools and the NFL and I see MANY UH alumni. I think loyalty and a long term plan is better than hopping from coach to coach every 2-3 years…

Who are these “many UH alumni” that you speak of who are also currently prepared to be our HC?


We just hired a UH alum at OC, took him in with a ton of past baggage, gave him a decent extension, then he left us for FSU.

Unfortunately we are who we are currently, and that is a good program with that can give the right coach an opportunity to be very successful on a national stage, and then get poached to one of the bigger P5 programs. Good news is that we are recognized as having that potential among the G5 as well as being relatively competitive most years. We don’t loose coaches to the South Carolinas and Indianas of the CFB world.

We know the bad news. I’m ok with this as long as there is a path for a G5 to the playoffs at some point at the minimum but with the long term goal of getting to a P5 status conference ($). It means we are having fun and going to NY6s every 3-4 years. It means our school is in the national radar. It means we are building up a reputation. I would hate to narrow our pool of coaches to our alum, and that has not proven any loyalty anyway


Hire the best coaching candidate you can find. I’m hoping we’ll eventually find a great one who falls in love with UH and that the moneyed alumni love.

I doubt Patterson planned on being a long term Frog when he took the job, but something made him want to stay even before they went P5


What do I think? I think you’re trolling us.

BTW, an alum just bailed us to take a lateral move.


Case keenum 5-7 years from now as oc maybe possible HC one day

Lets just hire Wade Phillips! All our problems are now fixed! lol

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hiring an alum guarantees nothing… real life UH case study: Art Briles.


Hire best candidate. If it means they leave us in 3 or less, at least we’ll be kicking arse those years instead of getting our TAINTS handed to us by Army (no disrespect to Army but c’mon).

As others have said above, hire the best candidate, with the understanding they might leave in 2-3 years. If that person can have great success here, that helps us out as well as the coach. After they leave, do the same thing again. Until we get into a P5, this unfortunately is our lot.

It would be great to find the football version of Kelvin Sampson, but unfortunately the chances of that happening are not great.

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I love UH, and Houston, but I prefer nothing but the best coaches, wherever they’re from. Now, more than ever, the goal should be to “WIN” and nothing less. Who gets us there is a moot point.

What if we just plan better? Everybody should start with an exit strategy, and all these coaches obviously have done so. Why not plan to rent coaches for a year or two? Continuity be damned. The best up and comers will come for the opportunity but not feel trapped by an expectation to stay. We can put everyone on two year deals and make money on buyouts without exposing ourselves to being on a big hook for firing someone. Opponents won’t be able to scheme well in the off-season.

Why not play the game?


Acting as a P5 proving ground for up and coming coaches is literally the only way we’ve gotten a coach this millennium who’s won at an acceptable level.

That mentality is how we ended up with the ineffective coach we have at this moment.

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What current FBS assistants/head coaches are UH alums. Off the top of my head:

  • Clay Helton, HC @ USC
  • Tyson Helton, new HC @ Western Kentucky
  • Tyron Carrier, WRs @ West Virginia
  • Justin Johnson, recently RBs @ Kansas (almost positive Miles didn’t retain him)
  • Jason Phillips, new OC @ Utah State
  • Michael Bloesch, OL coach @ Tulsa

I’m sure there are a few names I’m forgetting. But for a variety of reasons none of these guys are realistic candidates to be HC at UH in the immediate future.

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I bet Art Briles would still be here if the same offer given to Herman was given to him…

Ummm… definitely not a lateral move.

OC to OC is lateral. If that move was ok with you, then I have no clue what your original point was.

He didn’t get that much more money to go to Baylor… at least not initially.