Coaching possibilities: Week 3 any new names to add to the list?

Sorry, I am not buying that CTH had anything to do with this. This is stat driven. I would be very upset if I was part of the FAU administration and my head coach spent one second thinking of a former employer.

As long as he doesnt match this part. Perhaps that is why he went 8-2 in 1966.

“Under Yeoman, UH had multiple recruiting and improper payment violations that led to punishments by the NCAA, which included a three-year probation beginning in 1966 , a one-year sanction in 1977 and a three-year probation in 1989, 1990 and 1991.”

I seriously doubt he will win 10 this year.

So for the first time ( at least that I recall) the radio guys are now saying if the team continues to play this way for the rest of the season Holgerson will be fired….

Not that Salisbury or any other radio guy is the be all, end all but the narrative used to be “ more time needed” and it has finally switched to “ nut cutting time”

“X” is also all over it now……the masses are speaking up.


Herman FAU QB Casey Thompson out for season.
Big 1st year at FAU & moving on alot harder now.

Mich St getting 1st crack .

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I am going to add Charles Huff and Bill Clark to the list of potential candidates. We need a recruiter and program builder.

Coaching names out there:

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Collin Klein is K-State’s OC already? I’m gonna throw up.

But not the innovative offense part . . . . .

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It’s Ohio State…that person takes turns. It’s more the name on the hat than the guy wearing it.

Garrett Riley is an interesting name. He was with TCU last year and Clemson now. He’s a young, up and coming coach and should be high on Yezman’s list.

Yes but that really only works of other names on hats aren’t there. Hartline goes after the guys who also gets visits from those types of programs.

Good reasons for both individually.

Record is but one criteria. Look deeper than record. In no particular order:

  • Is this person a man of character?
  • Does he have a charismatic personality?
  • How is he selling the program to the media?
  • Has he ever led a program? At what level?
  • Is he well respected in college football circles and have a large network of coaches to call for assistant coach jobs?
  • Is he a CEO type or does he micromanage his assistants?
  • Does he tailor his scheme to his players or do the players have to adapt to his scheme?
  • Does he play by the rules in recruiting?
  • Do his fellow peers respect his knowledge for developing game plans?
  • Do his fellow peers think he gets the most, and maybe a little more, from each players talents?
  • Has he ever had to discipline a player and what was the outcome?
  • Is he familiar with Texas High School Football, and if he is not, is he willing to spend time establishing relationships with Texas High School Coaches?

This reminds me of buying a house. You are not going to get the perfect candidate, and you have to be prepared to make compromises.

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So it looks like the winning percentage of the next head coach should be .602 (.662 is superb) and above or below that, it’s likely a bust.

All I’m showing is which group has the best overall records while at UH. This shows we tend to do better when hiring an assistant from another school than hiring another schools head coach.

Also, I categorized them by the last job they had before being hired by UH, not their full coaching biography.


For all the screaming about “we have to hire an offensive coach,” as far as I can tell, the only defensive guy we’ve ever hired is Pardee, and he seemed to work out ok.


Helped that Pardee had an offensive genius named John Jennkins running the offense.

As they say, offense wins games, defense wins championships.

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That’s certainly true. But a lot of Defensive guys aren’t necessarily committed to playing heavy, under-center, ball-control offense on the other end. Gary Patterson and Bob Stoops are Defensive guys. Not that their offenses are terribly innovative, but Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, and Bill Belichick are all defensive guys, too.

Kirk Ferentz, on the other hand, is an Offensive guy.

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