Cody Bellinger

From YouTube….the latest rumor by the NY Post is that the Astros have an interest in Cody Bellinger, the 2019 NL MVP.

If true, Bellinger brings versatility to Astros defense with a hope that a change of venue might spark his offense, which has been in the tank for the past two years.

We’ll see if the rumor has any validity.

Nah. I hope we’re smarter than that.


I didn’t realize Timmy Chan reported this rumor earlier on another thread. My bad.

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Can we sign him and designate for assignment to a Russian penal colony?


Can we pay him with Windex, a necessity for that big ole gLAsshouse he lives in?

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This will NEVER happen. :laughing:

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This is bad news, and, if true, means Crane made a mistake trying to run the team.