College basketball: Dan Hurley, UConn could make huge strides in the American Athletic Conference this season

Andy left UH off his College Best All-Time Starting 5 Tournament so his opinion is shaky with me already. Puts the Coogs 4th in his Power Rankings behind Cincy, UCF, and Memphis

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Freaking ridiculous! UH should be number 2 at the very least. Rob Gray was a good college player but our balance on offense should be much better. Opponents won’t be able to just focused on stopping one player. I think Corey Davis can put Gray type numbers this season and our defense should be the best in years.

UCF at #2? What’s he smoking?!

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To his credit, I think he got Cincinnati, Tulane and ECU correct.

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We’ll have to see about Cincy.

There is a lot in the 2018-19 season that falls into this category for the AAC. But trying to guess the order, hard to pick against Cincy as the favorite. Who knows what will actually happen but I think we might know better than Andy. We should come back in April and review how well Andy did.

Last year we were picked, what, 6 or 7th and we finished where, 2nd? Being picked 4th should guarantee a championship.

Sampson has shown he can get higher results out of his talent than most give him credit for so far. Now the expectations are starting to rise and it will be interesting to see how this year’s team plays and see if the results continue to exceed those predicted by the “experts”.

I know my expectations have risen each year and he exceeded them in every year. But now I expect to be in NCAA field again this season – no bubble, no play-in game. Solid in the tournament heading into the AAC Conference Championship.

We were picked 8th last year prior to the season.

Katz was one of the first to get on our bandwagon after seeing us in the tournament at Liberty.

Good thing we added Wichita St to the conference… :sunglasses:

I will be surprised if they finish outside the Top 5 even in “reloading” year. Their fan support at TSU last year was incredible. So I agree with you: it’s good they were added.

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