College Football Countdown - 37 Days

Oliver Charles Pierre

In 1990, David Klingler would lead UH to a 10-1 season, finishing 10th in the polls, and would land him on this 1991 cover of sports illustrated. Ironically, they played UNLV for their season opener in 1990. They would play their home games in the Houston Astrodome. In the modern era, UH would have made the college football playoffs.


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I was on campus Thursday. Still a long way to go, but the Football Ops Building is taking shape. That will be a game changer for the football program.
Ready to tailgate.


Would we have? We were on probation at the time.

Got me on that!

#89 Byron Simpson

In 2016, #89 long-snapper Byron Simpson would catch a 16 yard pass from Dane Roy on 4th and 13 against Lousiville. He would retire early due to medical conditions.


Heisman, started off the year crushing UNLV 69-0


#88 Stevan Dunbar



UH would defeat Texas at Texas 66-15. Andre Ware would be a game time decision for the 2nd year head coach.


Actually, 66-15. :joy::joy::joy:
Too bad it wasn’t 166-15.


Fixed TY!

He and we were victims of the SI jinx.

#87 Jake Herslow


First year head coach had a tough first year, but would finish his college coaching career at 22-11-1; before accepting the head coaching job for the Houston Oilers. April 1st, 2013, his family would establish the Pardee memorial scholarship fund at the University of Houston. Jack had a successful coaching career at every level, including the NFL, USFL, and the CFL. Jack was a 1st team all American line backer at Texas A&M, and would lead a 16 year career in the NFL, as a linebacker and fullback. Jack is a member of the college football hall of fame.

Talk about tough as nails! 16 years hammering people in the NFL

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If CJP had stayed instead of taking the Oiler job, our program would have been in great shape in the early 90s and no way we are kept out of Big 12…tragic…


Just one more reason to not like Bud!


#86 Payton Haslem


An era comes to close… Coach Bill Yeoman retires after his 25th season with a record of 160-108-8.

The Houston Cougars would finish last in the SWC going 0-8, only defeating Oklahoma State in non-conference play. A humble finish to the legacy career of coach Bill Yeoman. I hope you are teaching angels Xs and Os. I did not get to experience Bill Yeoman, but it sure does seem that he was the definition of “salt of the earth”.


#85 Christian Trahan

During the midst of the dog days, QB Gerald Landry, 2,038 all-purpose yards, 17 touchdowns.


#84 Wayne Beadle

The short lived grey trimmed uniforms

At this point I am going to need a few old heads to chime in, as we approach the 1970’s. But at a glance, 1984 was an interesting season. UH opened against Miami Ohio, #9 Washington, and Lousiville.

UH would lose a close game 14-21 against TCU, and I wont mention Arkansas. But the Cougars would run the table against the rest of the state of Texas, defeating Baylor, Texas A&M, #6 SMU at Texas Stadium (Cowboys Stadium, Irving, Texas), #3 Texas at Texas, Texas Tech, and Rice.

Despite finishing tied with SMU, and defeating them head to head; the overall record of 10-2 would give SMU the SWC championship. The Bowl committee would be impressed with the Cougars and reward UH with a Cotton Bowl appearance vs #8 Boston College.


I remember Phea picked up a fumble for a game winning td. I was at Texas stadium for that. Then the Cotton bowl where Flutie beat us.

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The lack of video of these years is really troubling to me.

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Houston and SMU were co champions in 1984 with 6-2 records, but we won the championship because we went to Dallas and beat them head to head, 29-20. We also went to Austin and beat Texas there(again!) 29-15. Houston finished first because they beat SMU and got to go to the Cotton Bowl on New Years…SMU went to the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii…


No way, man UH has played so many legends.

Also i see a collar on that cougar, did we realky have a freaking mountain lion on the sidelines?!

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