College Football Countdown - 75 Days

Not only on the sidelines but occasionally walked on campus on a leash.



No, we had a cougar, a real live cougar on the sideline.


Yep, we always saw Shasta at our home games…


#83 Patrick Edwards

A promo for the 1983 Coca Cola Mirage Bowl, Tokyo, Japan. The more you dive into the History of the Houston Cougars, the more you will find yourself surprised. I must say, I did not expect this one. Unfortunately the “Tokyo Cougars” would lose to #6 SMU 34-12.


#82 Romeo Brooker



A mint Houston Cougars 1982 pocket schedule with single game and season ticket prices from 1982.

I’ll chalk this season up as, “at least we were not as bad as the Aggies”. But unfortunately, it would be the first time the Cougars did not make a bowl game since 1977, finishing 5-5-1.


#81 Tyus Bowser

On this day, Houston vs. #5 Texas would end peacefully. A tie, 14-14.


I couldn’t find a photo of a #80, free game. So here is a photo of sophmore tight end, #80 Jett Runion.

Heading into 1980, all eyes would be on coach Bill Yeoman. The header would read “Cougar High? More like Coach High”
The article is archived and can be read here Lone Star Sports: Cougar High? More like Coach High - Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Unfortunately the coogs would have another modest 7-5 season.


Pic shows him w/ Tom Osborne, Nebraska coach, who doesn’t look all that happy–right after the coogs knocked them off in the Cotton Bowl in the last 12 seconds. Elston to McMillan, end zone pass. Most exciting coog game i ever witnessed.


We had that game. Fumbles and drops and penalties killed it.

And for many years…a mountain lion that lived on campus if I remember correctly.

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#79 Isaiah Thompson


The Cougars would win their 3rd SWC championship in four years, and going back to back in 1978 and 1979. A heartbreak loss to #5 Texas 13-21 might have been the only thing standing between a Houston Cougar national championship appearance. The Cougars would go on to defeat #7 Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl.


#78 Wilson Whitley, Lombardi winner (1976)


Another SWC championship, and cotton bowl appearance. Having defeated Utah and #10 Florida state in non conference play, and #6 Texas A&M, #9 Arkansas, and #6 Texas, once again at Texas Memorial Stadium. But i am left wondering how the hell did they lose to Memphis State and Texas Tech. Another what if season, but successful nevertheless.

Coogs would get a chance to play Notre Dame.


That win against Pitt in the Arned Forces Bowl was pretty exciting…

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I was at that tied game against uta. I remember both fan bases walking out rather numb. Hard fought battle. Man, those intense years of the SWC. You younger guys have no idea how big time our football games were every year.


That BC game was another typical Cotton Bowl–cold, miserable, old stadium, poor parking, and worse of all–in Dallas. I did see one think I liked though, a guy had a BC eagle hat with wings and a long string–pull the string and the wings flapped!

I think that might be another year, the 78 season they played the Irish. But reviewing the history man we played in the cotton bowl a lot.

“Cotton Bowl Coogs”

#77 Kennan Murphey


Houston Cougars would start the season off defeating #11 UCLA, but the remainder of the season would be up and down, finishing 6-5. But the Cougars would give #1 Texas a run for their money, but unfortunately #20 played for burnt orange and white.

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Big Earl must have given coogfans PTSD!

We lost Danny Davis in the Penn State game that year. We beat Texas at rice stadium if not for that. Earl or no Earl. That Ucla game was awesome, it was a Monday night(i think), Don Bass caught a pass over the middle at the end (i think).

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