College Gameday on Houston 2016 Playoff

Makes me sick.

What makes it worse is next year @OU, vs. WSU. We have that chance again, but Opie is gonna screw it up.


Everyone can talk about the past. NEVER EVER trust those experts when coming to supporting the G5 teams.


BS. Simple propaganda. He can say whatever he wants after the fact. Would never have happened.


Easy for him to say when it’s too late and ain’t happening. Just wanting to look good… don’t! Dont! Don’t believe the hype!


Exactly NutterUH. herb#$#@blipblip is proclaiming we had a shot for one reason & one reason only. He is trying to justify the cartel. Thus diminishing any thoughts that the common college fan may have about UCF & their SOS.
herb#$%#blipblip is another snake oil salesman. It is insulting. Who does espn think we are? A bunch of idiots wanting to follow the gravy train?


Can we cool it on the anti-CMA for just a week or two.


He’s on the committee then? NO! He just wants to get out of Orlando alive.

Yes, they do.


Gonna be hard climbing the ranks not being undefeated + NY6 win this year.

Hopefully we win against memphis and an undefeated UCF. We’ll get a decent bowl game if we win out, but we wont start next year ranked as high as UCF was.

We have to hope OU makes the playoffs and continues to dominate next year without Kyler Murray. Wazzu looked good this year, but I don’t see them making the playoffs just off pure politics. Hopefully they remain good next year though. Minshew is gone next year, so it will be tough finding a replacement.

They’re still getting their money, aren’t they?

Not from me!

Me neither! High five!

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It would have been interesting. Had we gone undefeated in 2016 the argument of us vs. Washington would have been really, really tight.