College Gameday

Nice UH flag in the crowd. Felt bad at first like I dropped the ball until I saw it because I didn’t even know Gameday would be here. Free beer from me for whoever is there flying it!


I was in Dallas this week for work and flew home to TN late last night. Wore my UH polo all day. It felt weird flying away from the area knowing 2.5 hours north we were playing in 48 hours. I was secretly hoping my flight would get cancelled with the storms but no dice. AA would have been happy to rebook me for Monday.

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Noticed the flag as well. Good job guys!

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Oh dang, didn’t see the 2nd flag. Love it! I guess I owe a few beers…

I think gameday put up a graphic that kendall briles is the Florida State OC, barely caught it on a flip to. no comment, just interesting.

Is TCU being featured on gameday?

I usually post this link at the beginning of every football season, hands down the best site that lists the game times and networks for every college game, every week:

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Hey Dan when are we starting a Tn watch club for our Coogs?

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The focus on his face tho! Ha