College hoops is weird

We beat Virginia 67-47

Virginia beat Providence 58-40

Providence beat Wisconsin 63-58

Wisconsin beat Houston 65-63

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Johnny Davis ( the guy who dropped 30 today) didn’t play against providence

That’s just college sports for ya haha. Also matchups have a lot to do with it. Davis had 30 Lmaoo and we shot 53% from FT line, only lost by 2

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First half of W game, I thought I was back in Indy watching Baylor destroy UH. Curious as to the W shooting percentage in the first half. I know ours was horrible. Looked like every Cougar was playing with mitts on their hand and W just had to throw the ball up in the air and it went in the basket . . . . .

It’s all about match ups and game plan. Wisconsin did a great job in shutting down Sasser and executed their game plan to the T.
UH’s perimeter defense was getting killed in the 1st quarter… This is probably why Sampson will start Shead more so he can help break down defenses, help guard the perimeter and spread the floor better…

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