College of Education ranked top ten for third year

According to a news release from NCTQ, Texas universities performed better than the national average in classroom management, content preparation, math and reading. The council additionally commended the UH College of Education on its selective admissions criteria and high-quality student-teaching program.

In November, the College of Education became the first college in Texas to be accredited using the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation’s new standards, UH Media Relations said. The college is also participating in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s $34 million teacher-preparation transformation project, which provides monetary grants in order to foster the development of future teachers.

I had no idea.

Both UH undergrad programs are ranked Top 5 in the country. No other school can come close to saying that:

Elementary Education #4 nationally (Top 1%)
Secondary Education #5 nationally

The next best combined programs are:

Arizona St
Dallas Baptist

followed by

Northwestern St (La)
Henderson St (Ark)

followed by

Ohio Wesleyan
South Carolina
Minnesota St-Mankato


Saint Josephs

These are the schools with undergrad programs rated Top 10% in both elementary and secondary education.


This was a surprise to me as well as it seems like we don’t tout this at all. Strange since Tech seems to tout their education program quite a bit.