Colonel Sanders’ book condemning capitalism

Bernie is a socialist/communist/ Marxist that hates capitalism… hmm

Bernie Sanders earned $170,000 in book royalties in 2022. 170k is still 170k. A lot of money for us normal folk. Wonder if he will give that 170k away since he doesn’t like capitalism? Maybe donate it for men trapped in a women’s body? Free testosterone blockers for dem men (not that need them).

You were the one true visionary that saw the coming apocalyptic battle between Maga and Lib and you knew it would be fought on Coogfans.


Red v Blue for all the marbles. Thank you for your vision and thank you for being that warrior we all needed.

I want you on that wall, I need you on that wall.

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I expect the election next year to go this way.


That kid must play soccer.