Color Guard

Someone please tell the ROTC detachment that they had the flags in the wrong position. The national colors are always to the right.

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Not good, but not as bad as what the band did once a long time ago. They were marching in the Cotton Bowl Parade - carrying the Texas flag UPSIDE DOWN!

Well I could give a little slack to the band for that mistake, more Texans do that then you would think. But an ROTC detachment color guard with the flags out of position is totally inexcusable. Were where their TAC NCOs or officer to correct them before they went on the field?

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Maybe that was a requirement placed on UH for their entry into the league when ut was not in their rightful place of being in the Cotton Biwl every year !!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You just might be right about that - - - but I think our punishment was being put on probation for the next year, and thus being ineligible for the championship!

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