Colorado Springs shooter is the grandson of

Reports are saying.

The 22-year-old Colorado Springs mass shooter is the grandson of GOP California State Assemblyman
RandyVoepel from San Diego, who is also a stanch supporter of the 1/6 insurrection.

Bringing together faith leaders, authors, politicians — U.S. Representatives Doug Lamborn and Lauren Boebert, Colorado Rep. Mark Baisley, Arkansas Sen. Jason Rapert — and activists, this year’s Truth and Liberty conference was a showcase of conservative grievances, with reactionary politics and Christian fundamentalism on full display.

The thoughts and prayers party.

Ted Cruz is being called out for his cut and paste “thoughts and prayers” tweet.

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I hate when people post or say things like this

They make a sarcastic statement without offering any realistic solution

It’s blatant virtue signaling to make people think they are on the moral side of any situation without giving an actual response


Is that legit?

And This guy went to Princeton for undergrad

Not sure about each one but it seems it could be, Ted has a history of cut/paste tweets, but all those mass shootings did happen.

But he is good at Thoughts and Prayers.

It’s not.

Thanks, he does cut and paste. Took it down.

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And so it goes when the gun lobby and its minions take no responsibility or leadership in addressing the problem. Just let things be, it’s all good.

And so the sarcasm is about all you’re left with. Have a clue.

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Thoughts and prayers.

We’re at the base level of common decency here.

Either we allow the garbage that is CCoog to filth things up, or we don’t.

The weird thing is, that I don’t really know if it’s my strong words, or CCoog that get a post flagged. Cowards gonna coward.

Elon should ban politicians from twitter, sorry for making light

If you look at the shooter’s arrest record, how in the hell is guy like that permitted to buy an AR-15?


Why would gun lobbyist take responsibility

You just answered my obvious “question” in responding to your assertion that reasonable people with reasonable assertions are the only responsible parties.

You can’t negotiate with those who are incapable and unwilling to do just that. It’s not realistic to think that “progress” will be mad without the extremist gun world making concessions. Geez.

And so we lay it at the feet of those who seek reasonable legislation. Genius. They’re the guilty ones.

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Ok so you have a guy that was arrested for making bomb threats but he was still able to purchase an assault rifle.

No matter which side of the 2nd amendment rights debate you are on, isn’t there common ground on which we can agree to in which THAT GUY SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PURCHASE AN ASSUALT RIFLE. To not come up with some sensible road bump to slow or stop the sale of a deadly weapons to crazy azz morons that have already proven that they are crazy azz and deadly, seems to me as crazy azz as the bat sheet crazy moron who shot up a gay bar.

To stand in the way of some sensible road bumps isn’t your political beliefs, it is the absence of decency and common sense.

Oh and to the law enforcement, intelligence community, legal system et. al., If someone is on social media or any media saying they are going to do something violent, take them at their word. They are going to do exactly what they say they are going to do. If someone has threatened to bomb something, he should be on the permanent watch list. It is not a one time thing, it is who they are, you don’t get being a potential bomber out of your system. You don’t grow out of it. You are that guy.

Geez louise, how many of these are going to put up with?


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