Come get ya crow

All I care is that we won. For every negative thoughts?

I thought Tune played great. I was worried that he would have OL issues. It crystal clear that he has been close to D’Eriq all season during training. I sure hope that he does not have a partial tear.
It is a first step. We gotta get better on all front. Fine played an outstanding game and sumized what our defense has been all season. We can be awful on one play and look good on the next. Plenty to improve on for our next game.

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Partial Tear ?! :flushed::flushed::flushed:

There is no way to tell until he is fully looked at. If it is a cramp that would be great news.
We should know much more tomorrow.

You called it way ahead of time.
I only bet horses once in awhile but if Fl had an easy way to bet CFB = I would of run with it.

The two special teams TDs make the game score look lopsided. Without those it is a very close game. UNT was 7-11 on fourth down trys. We stopped them on a big one.

Still a long ways to go to hang with AAC teams, other than UCONN. But, it should help the guys’ confidence and hopefully we will give UC a run for their money! Go Coogs!

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I guess I don’t have to get a custom jersey made now

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Anyone notice what OU did to TT? We scored more and played OU closer than that. Just saying!

Some said OU let us off the hook but they never took the pedal off TT (or us)


It is a game. you cant pick and choose what to delete to suggest a different outcome. Perhaps if the special teams had not run it back twice our offense would have completed long drives and the game would have been way different. It is a game and the score is the score. Everything that happens from when the clock starts to when it stops is the game, period.

We won, period We beat the spread so we did better than everyone thought we would. Im good with that. Now lets beat Cincy


I am not going to start a new thread but you could re-call this thread. “Enjoy this win”
We had 200 threads opened with the same message. The answer is. Yes CDH can Coach. Yes CDH has not lost the Team. Yes, our players are fully behind him. That is the most important point that I take away from this game. Yes Tuned Up, I like the sound of that, stepped up.

I will add another point on the broadcast. The facebook idea was terribly conveyed. I hate the idea of having a facebook using our contacts. I would never feel this way if it was not for what facebook has demonstrated and unlawfully use our contacts.
The idea itself is brilliant. This is something that our Alumni, ticket office should consider. Establish a feed that allows for all and past friends to re-connect while the game is on tv. We do it to a certain extent here but this is an important point to explore. In this case U of H can fully use my contacts because I would like them to.
The broadcast itself was the best I have watched and heard in many years. From the announcers to the sideline reporter this was highly professional. They put espn and others to shame. Thank you CBS for having this crew. I want to see them again…especially if we win.


UH beat UNT 46-25
SMU beat UNT 49-27


SMU won at home.

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If look at our offensive and defensive performances, Offense was better, defense was about the same. My point was no team should count on 2 special teams TDs to carry the day. Our defense still has lots of problems that will make winning more than two more games difficult.

Yeah but seems like you only want to factor in one side of the coin with those special teams TDs. The downside of those is the defense has to get right back on the field.


The team won and the stats on offense and defense will be skewed because of the 2 ST touchdowns. Ask any coach, they’ll take the easy points. Both ST touchdowns looked like the same call, go to weak sideline, find a horizontal hole and use your speed. Props to the ST coaches how many times have we said that ever? Dane with some key punts downed in no mans land as well.


How do you say, “take away these two” and its a close game

I could say, take away two missed coverages and its a blowout.


Right hello we played differently because of the ST touchdowns, our defense was getting some stops, and the running game was working. If those three things are going milk it til they stop it. This thread is about those who thought we would lose yesterday I was one of them and am glad I was wrong but some want to “poop on the win” with the week these kids have had are you joking?

I haven’t been prouder of this team since 2016 Louisville. We were 8 point underdogs for a reason look what these guys did and appreciate it.


I think it was important to simply get the win right before the bye week. We have two weeks to get these kids reps and improve the passing game and discuss how and what defensive adjustments are being made in-game.


It’s been awhile since we scored a KO and punt TD return. Says something about our talent and coaching. Nothing more exciting in a football game then TD returns.


Did anyone else notice that CDH got a little peeved with NTSU? After they went for the two point conversion twice and then they challenged our punt return touchdown he had us go for two and we made it.


We challenged the punt return ourselves. The dumb refs said a UH player came on the field to celebrate but in fact it was player already in on the play. The review cleared it up and the flag was picked up. Holgerson was irate became it was a terrible call and then the head ref would not come over to the sideline so he could ask to challenge it.