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Care of ITCOOG, one of the site owners… what do you guys think?


Those are sweet.

Needs moar palm trees.

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I’d take one that just says CoogFans on it if I could.

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I’m a sort of third on that. Not crazy about the front but like the back.

I would like the back to be the front.

“Love ya” brings back bad playoff memories.

100% agree.

and add either UH or Houston to the front

I love the throwback to the HOUSTON Oilers slogan…

After all, Herman is trying hard to market UH as The college football team for the city of Houston…

Longtime Houston football fans will see that, and immediately remember the “Luv Ya Blue” days!

Good work!!!

ditto have to have one or other

What kind of palms are moar palms?

I still have the original hat.

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We are going to do a plain Coogfans one also I believe…

No offense to ITCoog, thanks for the design suggestions! :wink:

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