Commentary: Basketball deserves top level attendance

I am going solo. I called tik office and purchased through them. At first he said he didn’t see the one I was looking at online, then he came back and says yes I can get it. He says sometimes tik(s) are in someone(customer) que and can’t always pull it. Able to get aisle 116 like row 4 or 5. Sat there for Tulsa gm n liked the seats.

I’d suggest trying 102 or 104 next time. Same price and even though they seem further looking at the map, the angle looking down is not that steep and at least in my case, feels like a better view of the whole court than 116 and 110. Don’t think I’m alone because 102 and 104 seem to sell out faster than 116 and 110.

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couple of other items : 1) USF, ECU are doing much better than where prognosticators had them doing this year. Both been very competitive in their Conf gms. USF was 12-4 b4 loss earlier this week. ECU has played all their conf gms tough no blowouts like last year.
2) Attendance might be better being they are only on ESPN3 Wed night, last gm of conf they’re not on one of Networks. I for one even though have a new 15in laptop w really nice screen , I don’t like sitting watching gm for 2 hrs on laptop. #OldSchool

hmmmm, will take a look. Still want to go to at least 2 more Conf gms w wifey so will look this weekend !

Look for those through stubhub. Rarely recommend it but 3rd party is the only way to get a pair of seats together in 102 and 104 for the rest of the season after ECU. It’s really the only reason I’ve been focused on ECU. The rest of the season could easily end up sell outs. I get use to people taking my observations as negative though. Learning to shrug them off.

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If you are grading improvement over recent years, it is an A+.

Well I was trying to be careful n not overreact and get steady Backlash from some! :joy::joy:. I’ll stick w my B/B+ grade!

Fair enough.

I was worried about Wednesday nite because of earlier weather reports but I think front is now expected to move thru a little earlier and should be OK by the afternoon.