Commissioner Mike Aresco on American Conference in Year 5, upcoming TV deal and next steps in Power 6 campaign

Aresco: "That’s a huge challenge for us. Next year actually is when the negotiating period starts. Although, is it possible for us to get something done this year? Who knows? You never know. That’s going to be tricky with all the new platforms, all the new ways people want to use your product. You gotta make sure you have a good balance of revenue and exposure but revenue is critical for us. Our TV deal was an accident of history. It happened just as we were in complete disarray. You needed an index card to figure out who was in or out. That’s the worst time to work out a TV deal. But now it’s not even close.

“The UCF thing was obviously a big bonus for us but look at what Houston did the last few years. Look at what Memphis has now done. Look at what Navy is able to do. We’ve got the challenge of losing coaches but we’ve managed to deal with it either by hiring the best young assistants, which typically has panned out like a Mike Norvell and others, or we’ll hire a veteran occasionally. We’ll get someone like a Charlie Strong. We’ve got a good group of coaches.”