Commitable offer?

Have seen this term used today and am unsure about what it means. Thanks


A committable offer means a recruit can commit to the institution at any moment. A non-committable offer means a recruit must wait if they want to commit to the institution.

Basically non commitable offer is they are down in the pecking order

When a recruit thinks they have an offer and actually do. Recruiting is like car sales so sometimes a recruit thinks they have negotiated the deal but not to find out they haven’t been approved by finance (aka HC) yet.

So guys get offered but have no guarantee, that’s crazy

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They tell them if we don’t get player X,Y,and Z we’ll take you……SEC schools do this a lot.


During early days of COVID recruiting, good but not elite HS recruits were encouraged by their HS coaches to take first committable offer as COVID year, plus transfers, plus JUCOs reduced the number of committable offers vs traditional years. Some really god HS talent ended up in lower FBS and FCS. Expect to see some of them transferring up this year and next.

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Thanks everyone

Used car salesman SMH :rofl:

Pretty easy.

A kid gets an offer but is contingent on some of the guys higher on the board not going to said school. Until it shakes out with the kids at the top of the board, a kids offer is not committable.

That sounds like being on the stand by list, am I right travelers?

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Pretty much.

Most kids will take a bird in the hand.

Back in the day, I had plenty of non-committable offers from females.


I wonder if recruiting sites will start tracking “soft offers” and “hard offers”. To me, it’s a joke. You either offer or you don’t. If they are on your next up group of players if you don’t get the top guys, then just tell the player that. I guess it sounds better for players so they can brag about an “offer” from a big school.

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You beat me to it. Story of my high school life!


what everyone said above is true … but in respect to today (signing day)… the term normally refers to kids who waited too long.

when most offers are given (for most teams) you can commit right away, but many times kids hold out for bigger offers, but not every coach is going to wait on them and will move on… with recruiting sites when you get an offer it is listed that you had that offer forever (but its not like that in the real world)… so there will be kids with major p5 offers but end up in McNeese state, and people will ask why he went there with so many big offers and people will note most of those offers werent “Commitable offers” and they were given to him 2 years ago and the coaches have moved on from him since

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So @pesik, what you are saying is you snooze you lose.

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Like Seinfeld and his friends at the Chinese restaurant.


Like what?

They were down because you were handsome but then they saw you naked?