Comparing Big 12 leftover research v. UH


I just found this great website. It lists universities by R&D expenditures.

UH does $169 million in annual research, a number HIGHER than Rice (eat your hearts out Owls!!!). With our new medical school coming online, together with our hard sciences, pharmacy, optometry, etc, that number will surely continue to grow.

By contrast, Baylor only does $29 million in research annually.

And TCU…good Lord…they only do $7.2 million.

NO WAY the PAC-12 takes either of those low research religious schools. That would represent BOTH a) an abandonment of their ideological principles (especially in Baylor’s case), AND b) a significant drop in academic prestige.

Consider this. PAC-12 schools like UCLA and Washington do over ONE BILLION in research annually.

Washington State does over $340 million.

Even Oregon does over $90 million.

Baylor and TCU can’t possibly hang with them.

Don’t look for the PAC to be looking their way!!!


If you look at all potential candidates, we would have to be high on their list.


Not even close with the gummy bears


We have to be high on a lot of lists, just hopefully high enough to get an invite.


Well I’m surprised the mighty UT Austin comes in at 35th ???

Granted Ut health centers are listed separately , but for basic research
that is shockingly low for such a major institution !
Especially for an instituition that has the largest endowment and a dedicated
AUF “Excellence” Fund that dictates that 45% of UT System AUF funds go exclusively to
UT-Austin only. Talk about bad ROI … that should be front page news.

I need to look closer if the UCLA numbers include their medical or not…

Keep in mind that aTm’s number might be higher than UT’s but that a lot of that is “Nebraska U” type research, that is to say, USDA funded agricultural research that is given out per capita to Ag schools on a non-competitive basis and is generally not peer reviewed.

That counts for purposes of this list, but for AAU membership purposes, it is not considered.


Yep, I was aware of the aggie stuff. But have to be careful how you use these rankings.
Few observations…

1 Data is 4 years old…from 2017. Maybe something happened that caused NSF to stop
reporting;) Hopefully that has been rectified.
2 TT actually out ranks us …that surprises me as our Carnegie R1 status was achieved before Tech and has been higher. I would expect the NSF rankings and Carnegie rankings to be mostly
in step, with few exceptions…but I may be missing something.
3 UC schools seem to be reporting their Health Science centers in the numbers. Upon second look I still can’t find them listed separately. So they may be inflated by that.
4 Gotta be careful how to use these numbers; not sure I fully do
5 Yeah, baylor and tcu are really small fish

I wonder what Nebraska U’s non-ag research number would be.

Their overall $300 million plus budget looks impressive, but nearly all of it must be corn, ethanol, etc.

To get kicked out of the AAU, they must not do much else.

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Does TT have their health impact (med school) included their numbers? This would put them in front of us.

No, I saw their Health center near the bottom…maybe at $39M at #212

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock 212 24.2 39,767

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso 287 32.4 16,479

The Texas Tech System has two health science centers one in Lubbock and one in El Paso and both are their own independent universities with their own accreditation and are listed on their own

The Texas Tech Vet School will be under the main campus

Texas A&M has all of their health science components state wide under College Station now as well as the Ag Experiment Stations and the Engineering Experiment Stations

Who really looks at the athletic conferences through this lens?


The B1G and PAC obviously do, based upon their membership.

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University Presidents


at this point some of the members of the PAC 12 that hold those ideals might be gone…or they might be looking at a lot of really bad options of they think they can continue to hold those ideals

there is nothing wrong with a conference wanting that in fact I think it is just fine, but I think some members of the PAC 12 would be looking to hit the door if the PAC 12 lost some top members and others in the remaining conference were still wanting to look at academics as a major factor…they might find themselves alone or with one or two other members in a dead conference

all of this of course depends on the PAC 12 losing top athletic members

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I tend to agree…it’s kinda like traditions, rivalries, regional based conferences, etc.
All pretty much loses out to $$$ these days. But I suppose the Lady nails it…it may
still be important to university presidents (who are still tied to the past).

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and if the PAC 12 is losing members hen they better let go of the past

the PAC 12 where Cal has $400+ million in athletics dept they have no clue how they will pay for and they have a $19 million dolalr per year annual athletics deficit

the PAC 12 where AU and ASU run $20 million dollar annual academic subsidies…where WSU has a $5 million dollar academic side subsidy and an annual debt of about $4 million their president has said will not continue

the PAC 12 where CU runs an academic side subsidy of $12 million and had an annual debt of $4 million

Oregon State an $11 million academic side subsidy

Utah $12.5 million

UCLA an annual deficit of $19 million and a $2.5 million academic side subsidy

all of these 2 years prior to any covid

the PAC 12 that has the highest debt load as a conference of anyone a median of $156 million

vs the big 12 where no program had an annual deficit and the largest academic side subsidy was WVU $4 million and that year WVU had revenues that were $6 million over expenses so $2 million without the subsidy

and a Big 12 debt load of median $77 million or less than half the media debt of the PAC 12

the PAC 12 cannot afford to be too picky especially if they lose some of their top members

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These are one of many measuring sticks for potential candidates. You want to be able to brag about your conference mates and not make excuses right?

In that case UH is comparable to Arizona State and Utah, and they’re not getting kicked out.

We’re fine. It’s not going to make a difference. Leave this inane talking point to Tech trolls.

Very interesting…good find Law…