Comparing my two favorite programs

As you all know along with writing on our Coogs, I also write for, covering SEC football here in Georgia. So when Kirby Smart was hired this past off-season, many of his quotes have reminded me of what Herman said prior to his first season. Can Georgia and Smart emulate Houston’s success? Pretty cool in comparing an SEC program to ours I think.

This article is how the two programs compare.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

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Great parallels. I hope Georgia dominates in the weak SEC East and then wins the SEC Champ game.

I like UGa and Kirby is no slouch going back to his alma mater but his achilles heel maybe Chaney as his OC.

Tennessee is going to win the east this year … I will be at the Bama @ Vol game this October and that should pretty much determine if ole Rocky Top is for real or not … :sweat: :grin:

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so what’s this “Kirby’s Law” that was passed in Georgia all about?..

“Kirby’s law” is roughly “GA coach’s texts & cell phone records are not FOIA-able.”

i.e., not open records.

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