Compiled AAC Position Rankings - Underdog Dynasty

Where we stand on roster talent from an outsiders perspective compared to our conference-mates.

The only one still pending is CBs and Safeties.

QB - #5

OL - #7

RB - #9

WR/TE - #9

DBs - #4

DL - #4

LB - #10

Overall an average of 7th. Not bad considering CDH has only a few recruiting classes and Tom Herman left us with nothing. A few more seasons and we might have a top half average! Things are looking good!

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I wonder where our fans rank?

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linebackers at 10 is a joke, almost disrespectful… especially when he is adding Nickle to the linebacker group (anderson and stewart)…
i dont put much stock in underdog dynasty, so it doesn’t matter either way



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I thought the same thing. I would have put them higher for sure.

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Thought the same thing about the D-Line. I think our defense is really, really good.

Unsure where to put any of our offensive position groups.

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Hard to tell on offense until we actually play. I’m guessing they are going by last season’s offense with injuries and young players. Should be an entirely different offense this year.

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Patrick Paul is the key on offense. We have to keep him healthy. He’s a future Sunday player.

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Absolutely agree!

Any problems with Defensive ranking? Or better not to go there?

“Coogs fans are hoping he found some stability heading into his final season, and should mentor the guys behind him to lead the future of this team”

Tune’s last year !?

I think the DLine is accurate, maybe up a notch. :wink: The LBs I am surprised are #10, maybe that’s due to new players being moved around and the fact that Stuard is now a pro. I think that number will change by the end of the season.

Here’s the opinion of Phil Steele, who I put much more stock in:

QB: 5
Rec: 5
OL: 5
LB: 9
ST:1 (#3 in the nation)
Coaches: 4

He picks us third in the AAC.


Thanks for sharing, Rev! I like to see where different magazines and sites rank us. Steele used to be very good, but I believe his accuracy and quality have suffered more recently.

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Athlon and College Football News both pick UH #3 in the AAC.

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If these rankings were accurate we would be looking at a 4-8 5-7 season at best lol. The only one accurate is probably QB.

We had to take him out the BYU game he played so bad. He has some work to do. Needs to get smarter and more discipline. Key to offense is going to be Tune. Oline will be fine. We have a lot of depth this year

I keep forgetting like he’s going to graduate this year. It could very well be his last year, especially if he has a year like last year.

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