Concerning Alvin Books

I noticed that Lamar is having a really rough season (2-23 so far).

I wonder if he’ll be able to turn it around there.

Any thoughts?

I like Alvin. He hasn’t proven to be a head coach. Can he turn it around at Lamar? Maybe.

Lamar under Pat Foster was a good program.

Highest recruited player all time

I wonder if he is emulating CKS culture over there. His success or failure could have a small effect on Kellen’s perceived viability as a head coach.

Even before that, I can remember Lamar being a bit of a “giant killer” in the late 70s and early 80s.

They made a Sweet Sixteen in 1980 under Billy Tubbs with Brooks as a star player.

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They we a 20 win team a couple of years ago.

Brooks is a world class recruiter but a terrible head coach. He needs to stick to what he is good at.

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I disagree. Sometimes you have to shoot your shot. Far too early to judge how Alvin will do at Lamar. CKS was 1-14 in his first 15 conference games at UH. Rebuilds take time. Ill be pulling for Alvin!

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Lamar was elite in hoops when football wasn’t a factor

Now fb is pressured to win hoops has taken a back seat

Plus going to the wac was a mistake