Concession lines

The lines at the big concession stand across from the Cub Zone (near 107, 110) are ridiculous. It takes you 20 minutes to get through that line at least. And there are six registers and only three open. We’re going to have huge crowds going forward, so someone needs to address this.

I bought one beer instead of two, so that’s $13 that Fertitta Center lost in concessions. That could have paid someone that one hour to man one of those open registers.


Depending on what you want to purchase at concession stands, there are a couple small stands with beer and other drinks. I buy my beers at these stands and the usual line is maybe 5 deep or less. Also, Chic Filet stand on south side was converted to hot dogs, snacks and drinks, including beers, as Chic Filet are not open on Sunday.

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the tip is worth not missing any game action


Chick Fil A is normally very swift except on Sundays.


I wanted to use Seatz, but they only had alcholic beverages, which makes no sense.

The Chick-fil-A stand was a pizza stand by our seats, line wasnt bad at all…same cant be said for the pizza.

I miss TSU concessions.


This must be a tradition carried over from the HOF.


Our answer was to consume mass quantities of alcohol and kolaches on the parking garage rooftop before entering the Fertitta Center.


But then you have to stop when the game starts, because there is one men’s room.

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Oof… Who the hell planned that for 7k plus seats…

Check that… 8479 people and one restroom… :rofl:

That 8,479 capacity was Hofheinz capacity after the old luxury boxes were built. I have contacted the Houston Comical numerous times to change it to the current capacity to no avail. Every time you see a box score in the paper, it looks like we didn’t sell out 7,503 (8,479). Probably done on purpose.

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The game is time well spent for a sober drive home.

I thought it was just over 7k seats… But google showed the 8479 number.

UH has started selling standing room only. Helps fill in those former no show empty seats.


That’s how we do it for football too. If we tailgate, only soda and water for the duration of the game. If we don’t, I’m good for a couple of beers only.

NEVER believe anything on Google !


boggles my mind how an arena with the name of a hospitality/ restaurateur giant can have such bad food… are we still using Aramark for food?
Wish outside vendors could come in and sell food like the turkey hut at TDECU


Hey! A smart move by our ticket office! Love it!


Isn’t it Delaware North now?

I had the same experience (sitting in 101) but it was not the usual, that line usually moves reasonably well. I’m guessing there were fewer workers available for Sunday morning.

With all the good restaurants in Houston and great craft breweries why drink at the games? I have one overpriced $13 Love Street per game.
Equal Parts Brewing is a 9 minute drive to Harrisburg.
Platypus Brewing on Washington has great food.
Why spoil a good game with mediocre food?
The restroom situation is not good.

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