Conf Basketball Tourney M/W

A lot of good that’s gonna do us when we’re at our PAC tournament in Las Vegas. :wink:


Pssh. It’s a toss up for me on what’s worse having to hear abt going to P5 or hearing Tune or CDH get bashed.

Edit: So NOW to be clear I don’t want to read about any of the 3 above. Sorry for any confusion.

Edit: Before any response comes despite not being a big CDH fan, I haven’t contributed one post to any of those threads in over a year. I fig there’s plenty already out there. I just want us to Win Some Games!!

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I going on a hedge and say the Coogs will be in Ft Worth for Conf Tourney come March 2022

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I will bring my ear plugs next time to Dickies Arena…


Never mind (typed with a SNL church lady* voice).

  • church lady played by Gilda Radner for you younger folks.

Mike, I’ve been pretty much staying away from here for few days at a time, so sorry for delay in getting bk to you. So there’s goes a perfect ex of how wrong thgs can be interpreted. That’s what’s Sad. You could have asked b4 making that kind of post. My intention in my post was it’s a toss up for me on what’s worse reading another post abt CDH needing to go-again despite not being a fan of him as Coach, I completely stay away from that stuff for long time. On Tune if you follow my posts you won’t fine ONE post where I’m negative toward him as a QB, where he can be better… just no need, I don’t need to post just to give my one cent into a convo. Have Zero against Mr Tune and hope the best for him going frwd. So not sure how you went where you went, but I felt the need to respond so you know where I stand.
Slow down some!

In short, who I responded to I’m certain knew exactly what I meant being I posted off his post.
But again w/o cleaning it up n leaving it as I posted my point was I don’t know what’s worse seeing another P5 thread-- (being he said jokingly we would be in P5 soon) or seeing another CDH or Tune bashing. TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR I’m tired of seeing all 3 constantly. Sorry you misread my Post. I’m just glad majority didn’t misinterpet the post, esp w/ not getting on much here lately. As there’s not much going on imo
Have a good Sir!

Well, that sure wasn’t how I took it and withdraw my comment and apologize for any hard feelings.

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I appreciate the apology. I can take the heat if I make controversial post. In this case it wasn’t the case whatsoever. The part that really bothered me was you thinking I wanted Tune to get bashed, when my feelings are quite the opposite. I’m big on leaving the athletes out of any negative comments. On CDH, as you stated correctly- I’m not big fan, but big deal, I still want him and Team to succeed and I haven’t made any post on any of his threads for long time.
Ok appreciate the response to fully clear thgs up.

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Unfortunately, I misunderstood the meaning of your post, also . . . . . Guess reading comprehension is not as sharp and I thought . . . . .

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Np Ben. After reading mine again several times, I can see where maybe little it could be misinterpreted. But I rather leave it as I wrote and that’s why I took time to respond and make sure it was known where I stood. As mentioned the biggest part i took offense w/ Mike’s response was him thinking I wanted Tune to be bashed. I’ve posted few times here- esp on Basketball side, I don’t thk it’s good look to make negative comments towards Athletes. On Coaches to ea own. I just choose not to get involved in any of Coaches banter for quite awhile now!

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Just curious, did you edit to add the word hearing? I hope my reading comprehension is not so bad I would have missed that.

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Yes Mike, I went back to make it more clear and make sure it was communicated properly. I still don’t thk it was posted poorly but missing 1 word and not proofreading can lead to where how you interpreted. I only wished you had asked me if I truly wanted to read abt Tune getting bashed. Couldn’t be further from what I want to read. It seems like if a poster isn’t fan of CDH , he automatically is not a fan of Tune also, which is certainly not the case w me. Anyway sorry for any confusion on what u read and how u interpreted. Spent way too much time posting on this tonight but it was important for me to clearly state what my meaning was— I Don’t Want to Hear Anything About P5 this or that , no CDH negative comments n Last but Not Least Nooo Tune bashing or any other Coog Athletes.

Whew, ok I hope we can move on now.