Conference Championships

One more week of regular season, and a lot on the line for the different championship games. Thought I would post here to keep track and anyone else interested can join in.

AAC - [Tulane vs SMU] - Tulane and UTSA play this weekend for a spot in the title game. Believe SMU is pretty much locked into the other spot (if htey beat Navy this week) having beaten UTSA and the next teams in the standings - Memphis (plus Navy if they win). SMU loses then rematch Tulane and UTSA.

Tulane falls out of top G5 bowl spot if they lose.

ACC - [Fl St vs Louisville] - Louisville - Florida St basically.

Big 12 - [UT vs OSU] - Looks to be UT vs someone. OK St has the inside track with a win over BYU. Gets more complex if Ok St loses.

Big Ten - [Michigan vs Iowa] - Mich/Ohio St vs Iowa meh

MAC - Looks to be Miami (OH) vs Toledo. Toledo could be playing for a big bowl if Tulane loses.

MWC - UNLV vs the winner of AF and Boise looks like the plan, barring a UNLV loss.

PAC 12 - [Washington vs Oregon] - Washington vs either Oregon or Arizona. Oregon St looking to be a spoiler for the Ducks (should be a good game). Who would have thought Arizona would be here when everyone was looking at them for joining the Big 12?

SEC - [Georgia vs Alabama] - Georgia - Alabama meh. Only real question will be if UT wins the Big 12 and Alabama wins SEC. Is there anyway they leave out bama for the UT team that won at Alabama. If there are 3 undefeated champions (B1G, ACC, PAC), that will be the big question on leaving the SEC out of the playoffs for the Big 12 (future SEC may be the justification).

Sunbelt - looks good. Troy vs ?. James Madison is ranked, but if they lose to Coastal this coming weekend, then Coastal Carolina gets the title game spot. (Take out JMU as not eligible so Coastal if they win or App St if they lose I guess)

disclaimer - these are not all possible scenarios as there could be some unexpected upsets, but mostly complete.


JMU isn’t eligible to play in their CCG so it should be between Coastal and App as to who plays Troy


ACC and PAC12 are the only ones to watch imo.

washington and FSU could both lose and make the college football playoff a mess with only georgia and osu/michigan winner unbeaten making 5 or more one loss teams and maybe even bama beats georgia as bama has looked better and better but georgia probably needs to help them. i’m all for a mess that makes a larger playoff.


It’ll be interesting to see if Tulane or SMU gets the G5 bowl berth over an undefeated Liberty. Tulane only has one loss (37-20 to now #12 Ole Miss) while SMU has two, OU and TCU. But Liberty hasn’t played anybody. I’d guess Tulane would get it, but it would be a toss up with the edge to Liberty if SMU wins the AAC.

I like the chart, but OSU should be in control their own destiny, not possible with help, for the Big 12. They beat both OU and K ST so they have the tie breaker.

i’m hoping for tulane, they seemed to hang in with ole miss. even with the coogs in a P5 i still root for the little guy.

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Rooting for Tulane win and SMU title game win. Best chance for Ponies to go to big bowl. Then they have to Pony Up for higher paid extension for Lashlee.

Tulane locked up their spot in the AAC title game. Now an SMU win put them in too. SMU loses and I think it is some sort of poll aggregate between SMU and UTSA.

Boise got their spot in the MWC CG. I just looked and UNLV is playing SJSU and the winner should be opposite Boise.

SMU wins today and will face Tulane in the AAC CG

Ok St earned their way in after a good fight by BYU, They get UT - and MUST win. Cowboys, don’t screw it up.
Miami and Toledo both win
Oregon’s win moves them in to face Washington (after their great game vs WSU.

James Madison wins again by hammering Coastal Carolina. That should send App St to the title game with JMU not yet eligible.