I honestly think you guys will just keep getting better. To make the final 4 is obviously a huge accomplishment. Coach Sampson is such a great coach I have no doubt you’ll add a few more significant pieces and continue to build on this. Success breeds success when you have the right person running the show. I think Houston is turning into our old Louisville rivalry and I love it.
I look forward to more battles in the years to come. Just no more half court shots please!



Memphis definitely deserved to be in the tourney. Their exclusion was a straight-up textbook case of Aggravated Robbery.

I look forward to continuing the UH-Memphis basketball rivalry!


This is a step proccess. A few years ago was the first NCAA tournament win since 1984. Then that next year was the first Sweet 16 since 1984. This year we made the first Elite 8 and Final Four since 1984. The next step is our first NCAA Tournament Championship game since 1984. This program is going to just get stronger. The Final Four this year will open up UH to more top tier talent. It took us 30+ years to climb out of the Abyss made worse by being screwed out of the creation of the Big 12. The Coogs are back and going nowhere!!!


More Memphis in March all season next season and the AAC’s got two Sweet Sixteen teams. Wichita should go back next season, Cincinnati won’t be down forever either, neither will SMU or Temple.

Just think, we had a down year and we still sent a team to the Final Four. There’s potential.

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I get that Memphis is probably bringing in some talent but there should be some serious questions to the culture down there when good rotational players or starters are leaving.

Many players, like Boogie and Jeffries, don’t want 22-27 minutes a game. They have NBA aspirations and I can’t blame them for doing what they think is in their best interest. The key for any team is to try to hold on to your best players and then fill in with youth and good role player transfers. For Memphis that is Nolley, Lester Q, Cisse and possibly even Deandre. And a senior Alex Lomax. That and three good recruits and a 6’6 transfer who averaged 21 a game last year. And likely a few others here soon. I don’t love the new reality of the portal as a fan but I think it’s good for the players. And as Penny said, the transfer portal works both ways.

No worries about a repeat buzzer-beater like that! Happens once in a lifetime.

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Thanks! Would love to have us both be elite teams and have that rivalry!

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