Construction on 45 this weekend - ECU game

What… the… hell?

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Isn’t that Saturday night

It will probably begin Friday evening.

I found this on Transtar -

DESCRIPTION: Northbound from CULLEN to IH-69 Interchange . 2 Outside Lane(s). Closed overnight from 9:00 PM, Friday, November 3 to 5:00 AM, Saturday, November 4. Scott Entrance Ramp will be closed for the duration.
START DATE: 11/3/2017

I did not see anything else as far as construction on IH-45 near Scott / Cullen / Spur 5

The situation on I-45 has become so infuriating that it is best to ignore it altogether; take some other route every time! In fact, I sometimes wonder if the state highway department even knows what they are doing there anyway. On the other hand, if their intention is to screw up Houston traffic, they are doing a bang-up job!

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I-45 Coogs coming North on I45, let me make a suggestion. Come join us at the Palm Center Transit Center for the “Cougar Express”. Instead of getting frustrated before the game come around 610 South from I-45 and exit MLK or Long / Mykawa exit and turn on Griggs to the Palm Center Light Rail Transit Center. (From I45 N- Right on MLK and right off of MLK on Griggs; right off onto Long/Mykawa left on Griggs). Free parking, free Transit on the Cougar Express and 12 min later you’re at TDECU stadium in air conditioned comfort. A short 40-50 yard walk you enter the stadium. After the game we are usually back on 610 headed to I-45S within 20-25 minutes or before the post game show is over. PS The Constable’s office located here as well and an officer is usually in the parking lot. Join us! Go Coogs!
PS. Our grandkids love riding the train.

They have been working on the Gulf Freeway my entire life. I was born Jan 12, 1947 and construction on the Gulf Freeway was started in 1947, which means engineering started before that.

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