Consumer Products and Right Wing Talking Points


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Good patriotic Americans shouldn’t boycott veteran friendly businesses such as those (Lowes and Home Depot).

On the contrary. Those are the very types of businesses that good patriotic Americans should patronize.

Still waiting for an explanation on Israel.

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Perhaps you should respect diversity of opinion and choice and not self define who “good patriotic Americans” should and should not patronize with their money. A “Veteran friendly business” is not a trump card ; only in the mind of an incorrect thinker (yet AGAIN).


I respect it.

Respecting it doesn’t mean not criticizing opposing opinions though, especially when they are incorrect, as in Johnny’s case.

Still waiting for Johnny to explain his Israel comment, BTW.

Yea, it’s like voting third party. No effect.

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Same as yours, living in apartheid America, right?

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On the contrary.

Voting third party has the desirable effect of enabling you to not have to defend your vote for embarrassing turds like Biden and Trump.

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When did I say that I lived in Apartheid America?

Some Lefties I know call Israel an apartheid state, or something to that effect.

How dumb.

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Your opinion is not relevant to my question to Norb.

Then let’s change the question.

Did you ever call Israel an apartheid state, or anything to that effect?

Please be candid in your response!

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I don’t answer your questions anymore since you don’t answer mine. Enjoy your day.

I’ve never failed to answer your questions.

Good morning Sir!


OTOH, you did just fail to answer mine!

I’ll repeat: “I don’t answer your questions anymore since you don’t answer mine. Enjoy your day.”

And I’ll say again.

I’ve never failed to answer your questions.

Good morning Sir!

And I’ll say again.

You have, by contrast, failed to answer mine!

Silence isn’t always golden!



Here’s the deal.

Both sides like to talk about how they are “boycotting” this and that business on ideological grounds, as if it really makes a difference and will bring about some sort of corporate change.

It won’t, of course, but I’ll allow others to foolishly believe stuff to that effect if they wish.

Lefties refuse to shop at Hobby Lobby (even though the USSC has held that the position opposite to Hobby Lobby’s in their case is an UNconstitutional one), or eat at Chick-fil-A.

Righties refuse to drink Starbucks or shop at Dicks Sporting Goods, lefties won’t shop at Home Depot, etc.

And then there are people like law97 who are like “life’s too short, these boycotts are so totally ineffective and inconsequential, and besides, we have to, as NRCOOG says, accept a variety of beliefs and differences of opinion, SO WHAT’S THE POINT???”

I’ll continue to buy Hobby Lobby art supplies, eat a Chick-fil-A, drink Starbucks, and shop at Home Depot and Dicks…RESPECTING that we are a pluralistic society, and that differences of opinion should be TOLERATED, as opposed to “boycotted.”