Coog T&F with 2 new world bests! (PVA&M Relays against Team USA)

Two world bests today for T&F! Why would any HS track athlete want to be coached anywhere else???

BOOM! Cougar men run 38.95 to clock the No. 1 time in the WORLD and defeat three Team USA squads at the Prairie View A&M Relays! #GoCoogs #HTownSpeedCity

ANOTHER ONE! Cougar men win the 4x200-meter relay in 1:21.19 to defeat both Team USA Squads and move to No. 1 in the World in the event! #GoCoogs #HTownSpeedCity


Wow. I haven’t payed much attention to track concerning coaches like I do the other sports but since Carl has come to help Leroy coach they seem to really have got us going in track. Coach Burrell I thought always had good teams and it seemed they were always right there but missing a couple of pieces. This is were I’m uncertain at. I don’t know if he had any assistant coaches. I’m sure he did but again i’m not sure, if there were, the quality of assistant coaches or their role. My point is I think I had read Carl is responsible for the sprints and Leroy the relays? and the rest of the team? I just know however they have divided themselves it’s working. I’m extremely happy for both Great Cougars with both of them winning Coach and Assistant Coach awards at the end of the Indoor season

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Kyle Tellez (everything), Frank Rutherford (jumps), Will Blackburn (field), Steve Magness (distance), Debbie Ferguson (sprints, relays, and women) were all here before, and we were a stromg team. However, Coach Burrell wanted to focus on everybody and better recruiting so he asked Carl to come in and work with the sprinters and relays.

Bringing in Carl also brought in Carl’s Perfect Method Team which allows Cougar athletes to have a professional team that they can move directly to after college. That’s probably been the biggest reason for the uptick in recruiting since Lewis has arrived. LeShon Collins was an immediate success as he went directly to the Perfect Method team and made Team USA in the 4x100 relay a couple of years back. Collins was an excellent sprinter, but his improvement under Lewis shot him to world class capability.


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4x100 results:

Thanks. Like I said I know Coach Burrell has been doing a great job for 19 yrs?. Thanks for the info on Carl’s Perfect Method Team. I saw some clips earlier about that but I didn’t know about the professional side of it. Carl is another good example of giving back. I remember way back, 96,97, when the football team had moved back to Robertson and they gave away the T-shirts of Carl’s medals he won at the Olympics and he was there being honored and I kinda felt bad for UH because as you know back then we were lucky to get 15,000 fans. People like him and all the legends back then deserve the whole school there to honor these great people that set UH up in the National spotlight. About Carl I tell everybody he could have had more but we boycotted the Olympics one yr and he was still in his prime.
Again appreciate all that you do on this board.

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Thank you. Carl has been a great ambassador for UH and deserves so much more from the University for what he’s given us.

I do hope that all of this success leads to more support for the T&F team. This can be a top 5 program year-in and year-out, but the facilities need to be modernized badly. Hopefully, we’ll see that happen soon.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve been lucky to have met him a couple of times. Like all the Coaches back then, 60’s and 70’s and Fouke, honorable, respectful and modest. I wish my dad was still around because I believe he would enjoy the coaches we have now at all levels. Especially Coach Sampson and the revival of our Basketball team. I even think he would like Applewhite. lol. I was glad before he passed away he got to see the drawings of the football stadium and the beginning of construction so he knew it was actually happening. With the success of our Basketball team I feel like after 20+yrs the blight of UH Athletics has finally come to the end. It’s amazing what a few people in the wrong position can do. Thank God for Dr. Khator when she came here and the icing having TF head of the Board of Regents.
Sorry didn’t mean to go off on another tangent but what you said about Carl is so right on. The track he built in Robertson so are T&F guys would have a World Class track to run on. Never heard a complaint from him when we had to move it, to the place it is now?
For someone that doesn’t post a lot, and I’ve been on these boards since 1995 when my Dad showed me The Cougars Den. I usually just like to read and keep up. Left all chatter to people that has/had the pulse of what’s happening with Athletics that live in Houston or they think they know what is going on. Especially the on time game analyst, post game analyst and the Monday morning analyst that know more then any Coach in the country and after something happens why did the Coach do that he should of done this. Because you know if it had worked it would be, what a great call. LOL


Houston’s men turned in the top performance in the world this season in the 4x100-meter relay. Competing at the Prairie View A&M Relays amongst three Team USA squads, the Cougars relayed one-lap around the track in 38.95 to breeze to a victory.

The squad of Mario Burke, Elijah Hall, John Lewis III and Cameron Burrell edged out Team USA Red (39.74; Blake Smith, Mike Rogers, Bryce Robinson, Dedrick Dukes), Team USA White (39.91; Charles Silmon, Marquez Washington, Michael Berry , Wallace Spearmon) and Team USA Blue (40.08; LeShon Collins, Brandon Carnes, Jeff Demps, John Teeters) in the victory.

Lewis III would be back on the track later in the afternoon to compete individually in the 100-meter dash. Running in heat one, the Willis, Texas, native clocked a wind-aided 10.13 to win the event and claim the No. 1 time in the NCAA this season.

Houston returned to the track just an hour later to clock another world-best mark, this time taking the victory in the 4x200-meter relay. Burke, Burrell and Hall were joined by All-American Kahmari Montgomery to run 1:21.19 and defeat Washington, Rogers, Robinson and Dukes of Team USA Red (1:22.16) and Demps, Spearmon, Silmon and Smith of Team USA Blue (1:23.46).

LSU and USC also ran fast yesterday. Should be an interesting race

4x100 video: