Coog Tix finally!

UPS guy literally JUST dropped my tix off!
Section 120 row v for OU game.


Be sure y’all post pictures of your tickets to social media. spread the word

already beat ya to it! hehe


When posting pictures of your tickets, NEVER show the barcode. You don’t want to arrive at the gate and the ticket scanner say those tickets have already been used.


fair enough, thanks!


There ya go!

Got mine. Sec 630.

I got 136 Row Z. It is in the end zone, but high enough where I can see everything. When the play is on that end of the field, it will be amazing. I just didn’t want to end up higher up.

Section 127, row F

i got 120 row v…way in the corner…lol need a few more cp for the future.

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Sec 343!!! So hype! Go Coogs! 13 CP points (young Alum) idk if that makes a difference.

Section 124 here, row G

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Sec 125 for OU game, row T. 140 CP Points

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how are parking passes being handled?

Buy them in advance from NRG or pay at the gate. 25 in advance, 30 at the gate. I would think they are cutting off sales soon if they haven’t already to ensure they get to you in time.

Check the texas bowl kickoff site for contact info.

Thanks for the info! But I meant for TDECU

That is easy CP

Got mine, NRG sect 125. Everything is in the envelope, great job to the ticket office staff!

Ok, my account says that I have a green parking pass, but I didn’t get anything in my packet today. So I was asking cause maybe its with the cards or something…I’m not sure what’s going on, and by the time I realized it, I called but the office was closed. Did everyone get parking passes?

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