CoogFan Political Board Leanings

Don’t forget at least some of them are also anti-semites.

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I’m suspicious of things that divide and separate human beings.

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This board is centrist with decent left lean countered by conservatives and then a dash of nutballs with absolutely no clue of what they’re talking about that seem to be here only for comic relief.


Marxism = anything firstandten doesn’t agree with.


That or woke, regardless if it makes sense. Lol

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Mostly left leaning. Some Romney conservatives, which you cant tell the difference from the Sanders liberals.

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Racist/Bigotry = anything you don’t agree with.

Like clockwork…LOL…

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Some of you may be familiar with Einstein’s thought experiments. The two classics I can think of involve trains moving along a track: one with a bouncing ball on the train (might not be originally Einstein) and the other where lightning strikes both ends of the train simultaneously.

In both cases, two different people (one on the train and the other on a stationary platform, i.e., point of view) will observe different outcomes having to do with space and time. I don’t think any of his theories have been proven wrong, almost 70 years after his death; on the contrary. So…depending on your point of view, for the same event, a person will observe different occurrences in the natural world (I have always been fascinated by this…I took modern physics taught by Dr. Ignatiev at UH.)

I submit to fellow Coogs that such is politics. If you are ultra-right, a position to the left (even center right), will be perceived as liberal. I see this being expressed almost daily on Coogfans. Just my 2 cents.


Everyone here saying they’re center lol

The most socially acceptable word to prevent backlash

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Only those willing to say, not everyone.

I’m not, I definitely am a solid conservative. Fiscal and Socially.

I am an independent. Lean left on some issues, lean right on others. Most of all I hate the swamp. This latest budget was another slap in the face/wallet to all of us regardless of parties.
18 or 19 repubs voted for it out of how many? That represents nearly a third of repubs Senators. How could any of those imposters call themselves repubs?


Didn’t want to play games with the budget so McConnell was wise enough to his credit to take that off the table, before the Looney Tunes start playing chicken with the budget, (by threading government shutdown) therefore the national and world economy.

“playing chicken with the budget” How many times did the gvt shut down prior to 2005 or so? Look it up. It is that simple. You don’t have the money? You don’t get what you want to buy. I deal with gvt agencies on a daily basis. Most if not all have no concept what an account balance means. The notion that you have to spend the money before the fiscal year ends is non sense.

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I’m on the right of center but I have to make fun of the dotes that ate up all the crazy trump conspiracy theories. Its like Tom Clancy is righting a new book.


My anti-maga views make me look less conservative than I am as well.


MAGA grabs on to the most extreme position on a number of issues - immigration, pronouns, tax cuts, same-sex marriage, abortion, LGBTQ rights, income inequality, voting rights, election integrity, etc., not to forget the connection to Q conspiracies.

Those who push back on the most extreme views are labeled RINOs, socialists, traitors, and more. Kinzinger and Chaney are Conservatives, and their voting records bear that out, but they were run off.

If you ain’t MAGA, you can no longer expect to be accepted as a Conservative in the GOP. It will be the party’s ultimate downfall as it represents fewer voters in subsequent elections.

Makes no difference talking sense, as that MAGAction smells, feels, and tastes too good to Joe & Jane Dipstick to let it go.


Not to change the subject but I find Einstein’s thought experiments on time very interesting. The rate at which time flows depends upon where you are and how fast you are traveling.

According to Einstein (I got this from a website there is no single “master clock” for the entire universe. Time does not progress at the same rate for everyone, everywhere. Instead, Einstein showed that how fast time progresses depends on how fast the clock measuring time is moving. The faster an object travels, the more slowly time passes for that object, as measured by a stationary observer. Perhaps even more astonishing, one person’s past could theoretically be another’s future–which is why Einstein described the past, present and future as “persistent illusions.”

Think about that last line for a minute “One person’s past could theoretically be another’s future”. This is time travel and, if true, once we figure out how to travel at the speed of light it may become a reality.

And just to keep with the OP topic I would consider myself right/conservative in most things.


That’s where I am. But very Anti-MAGA , hence where I pop in here on occasion. Step very lightly i might add.
Ok I’m out!

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