CoogFans Summer Uniform Thread

Time to get the summer is full effect with reveals that have happened already…




Ok St:


Ohio St Alternates:

USC Trojans:


Houston’s previous reveals IIRC were in mid to late July.

The Ohio State alternates are really sweet. It’s not a popular opinion here, but I hope we see the white helmets again.

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That font Pitt is using is awful. Buckeye one-offs are cool. I hate our white helmets but I’m not in the target demographic age-wise. :pensive:

Helmet combinations are all the big craze now. If I had to guess, we will have a third helmet this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Icey Whites against OU in the opener as we are the away team.

I’d expected to see something new by now. I hope the keep the white helmets as well.

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Tulane just released alternate helmet design, which begs the question is a green wave scary?

It is also rumored this “leather” helmet will accompany the tOSU alternate.

Never ever thought I would see a Tulane uniform I would like.

Seems like Nike is making an effort with some school tying them into their history surroundings like UCF with the Citronaut and Kentucky with the checkered sleeves,

Hope they can come up with something decent for us this season.

So what would Nike do for us from a historical perspective. Palm trees on the sleeves?


Having the skyline on the shoulder like the end zone is done would be pretty cool. Or even do an alternate with it wrapped around the helmet with the UH on each side.


I actually like that idea.

Just thought of a unique helmet for UH. I remember those cool helmets that Navy had in the Army-Navy game last year and thought about TDECU stadium.

How about a helmet like the UH end zone. have the skyline like the end zone has with the UH logo rising like the sun above it?

Emphasizing UH and the city of Houston to all watching a marquee UH game on ESPN.

Now that’s funny. I was typing mine while the above post was being posted. Had no idea someone else was thinking like me.
Hopefully the helmet decal is cheap and could happen. Uniforms with the skyline on the shoulders would be great but do they have time to make them.

Come and take it uniforms.

This wins!

Not a fan of the skyline end zone. Hopefully it won’t show up on the uniform.

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Cool, now following UH equipment.

It’s like Christmas in June! :christmas_tree:

hear, hear…

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