Coogs #15 in AP Poll

About what I expected. We’re actually closer to #11 than we are #16. If we beat OU, we’ll move up.

2 writers did have us unranked: Gary Johnson out of Albuquerque and Mitch Vingle out of West Virginia. More writers had us ranked 12th than any other spot with our high being #10.

West Virginia… pffff. That team is quickly getting on my crap list.

Ed Johnson doesn’t seem to have a clue. 10 of his 25 picks are “extreme”.

Edit: Just clicked on Vingle’s and it’s even worse. 12 of 25. If we’re going to be left off someone’s ballot, it appears we were left off the right ones. Those two morons are just throwing darts.

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Oklahoma starts the season ranked 3rd.

Coogs were the only G5 team that was ranking, although others did get some votes:

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