Coogs #4 in NET


Wow…thought we would have dropped after playing Tulane.


Unreal…keep winning, gotta gun for #1 now…why stop???

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I found this conference NET ranking…

I’m not sure how they’re weighting the results. But it’s interesting to see where PAC, Mountain West and West Coast fall. Honestly, I don’t hear our SOS come up much, except here on CoogFans.

I’m just glad to see the AAC in the top 6.

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Wow west coast slipping in at 8. The Zags are pushing that WHOLE conference up. Zags 3-2 in quad 1 games; rest of the conference 1-37.

Seems like it would be difficult for the committee to drop us below a #2 seed if we’re that high in the NET. In the preview rankings they only dropped us 4 spots from the NET and I believe we were the biggest drop from anyone’s NET rankings


How often will they do that top 16 team thing?

Only once i believe. The next ranking they release will be the real deal in March.

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I’m not too familiar with the Net Rankings but does it seem more fair than the eye test of the human AP poll by eliminating bias and personal agendas?



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