Coogs For Houston: 2020 Virtual 5K

Chance to get moving and support the Houston food bank. You can do the run anytime between Sept. 24th and 28th.


I do virtual running almost every day. Set a record in the 10k once.

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My first assumption was that they must be using the golf’s world integrity on scoring until I saw the screen shot requirement.

That certainly took the train off the tracks. :laughing:

Some pretty wicked head shots hits in that clip. And they do all that for no pay?

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Before I try to answer the question, I have to know their pronouns.

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Not quite sure why there is a lingerie football video in this thread, but no complaints from me. If your question is if the 5k can be run in lingerie, I believe the answer is yes.

You guys do your 5k yet? I submitted a 5 mile run yesterday. I am calling out Coog51 since he went on so many rants on the Covid threads about people not being healthy and other people being food insecure. This is your perfect opportunity to help out!

Registration and time window to do your run is open until the 28th!

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