Coogs HAVE talent!

The talent is on both sides of the ball. McCaskill has a great career in front of him. The O Line looks big and fast (Center was apparently twitchy, but I did not see it). Dell, Trajan, and the other receivers looked good. I like that Herslow kid…runs tight routes.

D Line were unstoppable tanks on a mission tonight. Even with the massive amount of holding on Tulsa the QB rarely had a pocket.
DBs were everywhere. The three 40 yard plays from the Tulsa WR were all great catches with good coverage.
I said it after Tech and it really showed tonight, we HAVE talent.


I heard the Sun Belt teams have more talent. It was on Coogfans, must be true.


The physicality of our defensive front is awesome. We always assume when a great DC leaves us we’ll never see it again. But this is an example that there are a lot of good defensive coaches out there. You just gotta pickem and give them time.

And our tackling? ##### primo, baby!!! I love a defense that hits you and sticks. That’s all mindset and effort.


We have talent but how far we go depends on #3 if he protects the ball we could win out.


Without UTA getting extra plays when games are over, . . yes, the Big 12 should look a lot better to . Nebraska and Colorado.


I don’t want to take anything away from Belk or the other defensive coaches.

But to me this is more about recruiting. You recruit guys with high motors, and you recruit depth, and this is what you get.

Sampson said something along this line when talking about his recruiting. You can teach somebody to play good defense, but the effort and heart and desire has to be in them already–or something like that.


Wait…I thought Dana’s recruiting was a big problem?..

Didn’t someone on this site say he’s like 7th in the conference in recruiting?..

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That defensive line is all about recruiting. Dana recruited some bigger guys on that front 7.

Theres a reason the coogs defense is ranked one of the best in total defense.

Coogs defense did better shutting down Tulsa than Ohio Stae and Oklahoma State

Supposedly out recruiting ranking is sub Sun Belt

Not only that he can’t recruit but none of his assistants are any good either LOL…

And playing with that nasty injury we need the OL to continue to get even better. Yesterday was a good day and hoping Tulane will be even better…

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To bad our first scheduled game was against Texas Tech because I believe that had we played them now, or even later in the season, our performance would be much improved. Lets hope our worst performance of the entire season was the first game and we are able to play the rest of the schedule with energy, discipline and excellence. While I realize Rice, Grambling, Navy and Tulsa were not the best competition, sometimes teams require tune-up games before reaching their stride and it would appear that we are beginning to reach ours.

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