Coogs in the Community

Cougar Athletic department seems to be pushing the students to get out and volunteer more. Seen more about the athletes helping out in the community than previous offseasons. This one’s close to my heart since I’m still in the military (at least for a few more months) and have been overseas a few times:


I’ve noticed that as well. I’m not sure there is more push to get our athletes out in the community or if they have been doing this all along and our social media team is doing a better job of marketing this. Either way, it is a great for our young men and woman to give their time for a greater cause. Hopefully some of these encounters will give them clearer direction and vision for future life/career opportunities.

Good question. I know for sure since CTH has been on board the social media has gone through the rough. I also think that like the social media rise, I think CTH has installed a great since of pride and involvement with the community.

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Team was back out there today:

That is great to see. Giving, serving, helping–all important leadership traits.

Coogs working with the community in the Alumni Center. Football players: Byron Simpson, Steven Dunbar, and Terry Mark. Women’s basketball also there.

I’m assuming the guy with his hat on backwards and his arms out is a nose tackle.

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Good base to take on multiple lineman; lacking in height…:wink:

Payton Pardee, Marc Reid, and Keisland Smalls were out in the community today. Love the kid in the UT hoodie and the Girl in the Aggie shirt (last picture) loving their new favorite players.

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Cougar Women’s Basketball team worked the Star of Hope today:

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