Coogs in the NFL - Week 4, 2019

Bengals: William Jackson III (DB) and Brandon Wilson (DB)
Bills: Ed Oliver (DL)
Chargers: Emeke Egbule (LB)
Colts: Matthew Adams (LB)
Dolphins: Chad O’Shea (Offensive Coordinator)
Jaguars: DJ Hayden (DB)
NY Giants: Thomas McGaughey (Special Teams Coach)
Panthers: Kyle Allen (QB)
Patriots: Elandon Roberts (LB)
Rams: Wade Phillips (Defensive Coordinator)
Ravens: Tyus Bowser (LB)
Redskins: Case Keenum (QB)

Injured Reserve:
Raiders: Isaiah Johnson (DB)

Practice Squad:
Chiefs: Cameron Malveaux (DL/LB)
Eagles: Greg Ward (WR)
Patriots: Nick Thurman (DL)
Saints: Terrell Williams (DB)
Steelers: Alexander Myres (DB)

Lose 1 player off the list, but gain one (I do expect Ward to sign back with the Eagles to their practice squad after he clears waivers). Congrats to Myres for working his way up from being a walk-on at Houston to now getting a shot at the NFL. He was arguably our best CB the last 2 years.


TV Coverage maps:

Houston area gets:
New England at Buffalo
Carolina at Houston
Minnesota at Chicago

Early games are a good chance to check out a few Coogs (Ed Oliver, Elandon Roberts, and Kyle Allen). William Jackson III and Brandon Wilson get the Monday night game this week.


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I like helping keep everyone engaged w new content.

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