Coogs in the Pros - Preseason Week 3

A little late on this, but:

Thursday, August 25th

Joey Mbu (ATL) vs. Miami

  • NFLN Replay: 9 am, Wednesday Aug 31

Nolan Frese (SEA) vs. Dallas

  • NFLN Replay: 7 pm, Monday Aug 29 / noon, Wednesday Aug 31

Friday, August 26th

Elandon Roberts (NE) vs. Carlolina (In progress)
Sebastian Vollmer (NE) is injured and will not play

  • NFLN Replay: midnight, Saturday, Aug 27 / 9 am, Saturday Aug 27 / 7 pm Tuesday Aug 30 / 9 am Thursday, Sep 1

Demarcus Ayers (PIT) vs. New Orleans (In progress)

  • NFLN Replay: 6 am, Saturday Aug 27 / 3 pm, Monday Aug 29

Derrick Matthews (GB) vs. San Francisco - 10 pm on NFLN

  • NFLN Replay: 3:30 pm, Saturday Aug 27 / 7 pm, Wednesday Aug 31 / 2:30 pm Thursday Sep 1

Saturday, August 27th

Lee Hightower (IND) vs. Philadelphia - 7 pm

  • NFLN Replay: 9 am, Sunday Aug 28 / 3 pm, Tuesday Aug 30 / 3 am, Thursday Sep 1

DJ Hayden (OAK) vs. Tennessee - 7 pm on CBS

  • NFLN Replay: 1:30 am, Sunday Aug 28 / 11 pm, Tuesday Aug 30

Case Keenum (LA) vs. Denver - 8 pm

  • NFLN Replay: 11 pm, Saturday Aug 27 / 11 pm, Monday Aug 29 / 3 pm, Wednesday Aug 31

Sunday, August 28th

Kenneth Farrow and Adrian McDonald (SD) vs. Minnesota - Noon on FOX

  • NFLN Replay: 11 pm, Sunday Aug 28 / 11 pm, Wednesday Aug 31

Alex Cooper (CIN) vs. Jacksonville - 7 pm on NBC

  • NFLN Replay: 3 am, Tuesday Aug 30

Thursday Night Stats

Joey Mbu: No stats
Nolan Frese: 2/2 FG, 5 punts (Reports say he made 2 bad snaps this week to go along with two last week)

Friday Night Stats

Elandon Roberts: Started at ILB and had 1 tackle and 1 assist. Reports say that he was impressive.
Demarcus Ayers: Had 1 rush for 15 yards, 1 catch for -1 yards and 2 punt returns for 4 yards (Long of 5)
Derrick Mathews: No stats

Bonus (He did graduate from UH and came back earlier this year with Case for a visit):
Charles Sims (TB) vs. Cleveland: 4 carries for 13 yards, 3 receptions for 16 yards and 1 TD

  • Preseason totals: 9 rushes for 33 yards, 3 receptions for 16 yards and 1 TD

After doing some research and tracking the games this week, here’s what each players status is right now in my opinion (subject to change):

  • Case Keenum - Starting QB for the Rams (unquestioned at this point)
  • DJ Hayden - Starting slot corner for the Raiders (has had a great training camp and preseason so far)
  • Charles Sims - Backup RB (got to stay healthy)
  • Elandon Roberts - ILB rotation (New England injuries on defense have given him a chance and he’s been solid)
  • Demarcus Ayers - Borderline/Practice Squad Stash (He’s had a couple of flashes, but hasn’t separated from Eli Rogers who he’s competing with. May get stashed on their practice squad if he doesn’t make the team).
  • Nolan Frese - Borderline (Been shaky on snaps the last 2 weeks. He’s the only LS on the roster, but the Seahawks may call up their former LS and cut Frese if they don’t feel comfortable).
  • Joey Mbu - Borderline/Practice Squad Stash (Mbu has been solid, and the Falcons need help, but the numbers game at DT may get Joey)
  • Kenneth Farrow - Borderline (Injuries are hurting his chances right now. May have shown enough to get stashed on the Practice Squad though).
  • Lee Hightower - Borderline (Indianapolis has been decimated by injuries in their secondary. Hightower has been impressive so far. Chance of making roster depends on severity of injuries)
  • Adrian McDonald - Probable cut (McDonald’s looked good when he’s in there, but he hasn’t been in there much. Chargers have safety depth - hopefully Adrian’s shown enough to catch on somewhere if he does get cut).
  • Derrick Mathews - Likely cut (He was brought in after training camp started and hasn’t been given much playing time in the preseason.)
  • Alex Cooper - Likely cut (He had a good training camp from some reports, but he’s way back on the depth chart right now)
  • William Jackson III - Headed to IR. Will be interesting to see if they designated him as someone that can return during the season as he may actually be ready to go around Week 8-10
  • Sebastian Vollmer - Headed to IR most likely and may have played his last game for the Patriots as he’ll be an Unrestricted Free Agent in the offseason
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Thanks for putting this together. That is a gloomy report except for Case, and even his clock is ticking.

Good thing we will be putting more Coogs in the league moving forward.

My guesses would be:
All the defensive lineman Herman said we’re NFL caliber-Carter, Singleton, Malveaux, Thurman
Howard Wilson (I believe he is a lock down corner. HW was starting ahead of BW before the injury)
Steven Taylor
Brandon Wilson
Kyle Allen (he will get drafted off of potential alone)
Duke Catalon (I will take Herman’s word. I believe he said Duke is similar to Zeke)

9 guys off the top of my head. We have 14 total right now.

Ed Oliver will probably be there, Ward will get a chance at WR, Chance Allen will get a look, some of the OL will get looks, Wilder sounds like a player.

Saturday Night Games:

Case Keenum: 8-12 77 yards, 1 rush for 4 yards - no question Case is the starter and he won’t play Thursday
DJ Hayden: 3 Tackles - Raiders 1st team was pretty horrid as Mariotta had his way with them
Lee Hightower: 3 Tackles and an assist - Making a case for himself

Sunday Game Wrap-up:

Kenneth Farrow - Didn’t play - injured (should play Thursday)
Adrian McDonald - No stats
Alex Cooper - ??

Derrick Mathews was released by Green Bay. Tough break for him, but had a tough road as he was signed late and got little playing time after the first preseason game. Hope he gets picked up by another team.

Guessing they may have been talking about the game this weekend.

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