Coogs in the Pros - Week 1

Welp, not the greatest of weeks for the Coogs. Only 4 guys suited up this week as Roberts was inactive for the Patriots:

Case Keenum: 17-35 130 Yds 2 picks, sacked twice, rushed 3 times for 10 yards. The Rams offense was terrible in a 28-0 loss to the 49ers. The O-Line was awful as the were unable to run-block and struggled pass blocking and the receivers dropped a few passes. Keenum’s second pick was on him though as he looked rattled in the 3rd quarter and could never really get going.
Charles Sims: Sims ran 4 times for 9 yards and caught 3 passes for 32 yards and a TD. That TD was considered the turning point of the game as Sims ran 23 yards, broke a number of tackles, before getting into the end zone. Tampa won 31-24 over Atlanta.

DJ Hayden: Replaced Sean Smith, who was getting torched, on the outside and allowed 4 receptions in 4 tries (1 TD), drew 2 pass interference and 1 holding penalty. He did also make 4 tackles and forced a fumble that was recovered by the Saints. Coach Del Rio was positive about Hayden’s contribution, but said Smith will start next week. Raiders did win 35-34.
Nolan Frese: Had 9 snaps, 2 bad snaps in the 1st quarter on made field goals (Seattle also missed an extra point, but the snap was good). Reports are that Frese is shaky. Seattle did win 12-10 over Miami.

Also, prior to the weekend, Lee Hightower and Joey Mbu were cut from the Colts/Falcons Practice Squads and are currently unsigned free agents.

Lee Hightower was re-signed to the Indianapolis Practice Squad today as the Colts are facing secondary concerns.

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